Shrinking shirts?

I just bought a few cheap flannel shirts that fit me perfictly, but when i washed one of them it shrunk so much i could not where it anymore. I have wear them more as a light jacket, so they doen't get very dirty. Could i just throw them in the drier and skip the washing machine to semi-clean them? This would not shrink the shirt would it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would suggest, #1 try and take the one you washed back to where you bought it from. And next time when you wash it. Wash it in cold water, and then hang it up to dry. Simple huh?

  • 1 decade ago

    Heat and water shrink fibers. Now that it is shrunk, it shouldn't get smaller. You can wash and dry as usual. Generally avoid hot water on all but your tidy whities. Warm is sufficient. Same with dryers.....use warm, not hot.

    Reason those things shrink is the fiber molecules get stretched and broken in the fiber spinning process. The fiber returns to it's original size in washing and drying. Good fiber is washed before cutting to relax those molecules. Hence a cheap shirt's fabric never got that final wash.

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    Look at the care tag. It should give you instructions on how you should wash it. I myself wash everything in cold and hang it all up to dry except for socks, underwear, towels, which I just chuck in the dryer. Then when my shirts and pants have dried on the line, I throw them in the dryer to soften them.

    Also look the fabric content. You shouldn't dry wet cotton clothes because they are most likely to shrink. Polyester will probably not shrink.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wash in cold water. Then either hang up to dry, or dry on low/delicate. Heat shrinks them.

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