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If I were to increase sales tax on bottled water, which government agency would oversee that it is enforced?

I am making a bill for a government class.

I live in Illinois so would it be the Illinois department of revenue or what?

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    Read the constitution. The federal government has no legal power to tax water. The state of Illinois is free to do so as is the shiitty of Shitcago.

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    That's a great idea. Just get the tax passed and the State revenue department will see that it gets collected. We need more people thinking that way. The purpose of taxes aren't to fund the legitimate functions of government. Taxes are a tool of social engineering so that we can create a more perfect society. Instead of directly controlling peoples lives we can just tax the things we don't approve.

    Nice, why don't we limit the amount of taxes governments can collect to reduce the waste.

  • The State of Illinois Department of Revenue is who you need to contact. I would also suggest setting appointments with various Assemblymen / women who support similar thoughts such as yours.

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    if it is a state sales tax then the state dept of revenue would be responsible for the administration of the taxes collected at the sales level in the various outlets of sale

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    Please no more taxes, just 'out law' the plastic bottle

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