Question about " the giver " - lois lowry?

the citizens always had to be on guard to do what was expected from them. These people are always under scrutiny, someone is always examining someone closely. what did that lead too ??

if you know please answer, ten points!

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    1 decade ago
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    that doesnt even make sense but if you mean what the constsnt supervision did to them and how they acted. then it made them ignorant of common things of life; it may have made things simpler and easy going, but jonas realized that wasnt what life was about. he knew that their world was bland and they were missing out on so much. the people with out knowing it were in a way corrupted. jonas knew that some of there ideas made logic, but in the end were they were logical they really had no feelings. they could feel know emotional pain. they didnt really care or love.

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    It lead to the corruption of their society because Jonas began to believe life would be so much better if they didn't have to follow all those rules. He also began to question authority after he found out the truth.

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