How can I clean tarnished "fake" jewelry?

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Like the fake silver cheap jewelry that you can buy basically anywhere... like Express, or New York & Co... all my jewelry from those stores always turn a slight yellow... so I always more
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  • ... answered 6 years ago
Toothpaste. I'm not kidding. I really works, at least on all of my jewelery.


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  • country jewel answered 6 years ago
    I use:

    But all jewelry cleaner only works once or twice on fake jewelry before it stays tarnished forever.
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  • T answered 6 years ago
    try using soap or oil and scrub it, not that hard though, because it will break.
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  • vincent46882 answered 6 years ago
    Someone makes an electronic plug in little type of jewelry bath, listened to one working. Sorry don't know the maker however.
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  • Shopwow answered 6 years ago
    Ok let's understand a bit about tarnish first. All silver jewelry tarnishes with time so this is no surprise. Assuming that your silver jewelry is not plated with rhodium or another metal, you can use some conventional procedures to clean it. If the tarnish is not very severe use a recommended lotion or polishing lotion. Polishing fabrics are also available to handle the tarnish. If you have severe tarnish, use a jeweler to get the job done.

    Now, if you have gems in the silver jewelry you will need to consider what gems they are. Lapis, turquoise and even bloodstone should not be soaked in water. It is unlikely that emeralds would be set in silver jewelry but if this is the case, detergents, lotions and even soaking can ruin the natural oils in emeralds that are used to treat emeralds.

    Check the link below for a detailed report on handling silver tarnish.

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