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What do you think the three biggest problems in our society today are?

They can be un related topics but just choose the 3 biggest problems you think occur with our society today?


Why are they problems and what do you think possible solutions could be?

Update 2:

This isnt my homework

just looking for other people's perception

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    1. War

    2. Global Warming

    3. Self-esteem issues.

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    Problems In Our Society

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    Very nice question!

    1. Murder/Rape

    2. Sexism & The Body Image Girls Look Up To

    3. Government - (Immigration, President, War, Economy)

    4. Out of Control Children

    5. Drugs

    6. Pollution/Global Warming

    I have no idea how to fix them. I just wish all the parents in the world would care about their children, and I wish drugs were only made possible in medicine and every medication had to have a prescription. I wish people would stop burning garbage and see the cloud-like billows of smoke they're sending in the air.

    I wish people would fess up to global warming, and that the parents would actually care enough about their kids to prevent them from dying from it in the future.

    I wish everything was perfect. Don't we all?

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    People not genuinely caring about each other. If they did, nearly all the worlds problems would dissapear. Hunger, war, poverty, global warming/pollution, and many deseases would be a thing of the past. Most problems we see today are man made and due to greed and selfishness. One of the few problems we would be left with is death but thats a different conversation.

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    kids becoming too mature too fast, poverty, and overpopulated (its not huge right now, but it will be soon)

    we could all do simple things. teens shouldn't be obsessed with fashion, and that "society". poverty is something that we can all fix, easily to. just donate some money, even 5 dollars goes a long way. whenever you see someone struggling, help them out, don't just walk past them. and overpopulation, its a really tricky and broad subject, but we shouldn't waste simple stuff such as food, water, electricity, cause people would DIE for what luxuries we have.

    remember we're the 10% of the whole world's population that actually lives in decent conditions.

    Source(s): lol read my other questions, and you'll know how much i hate all of these things
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    1 decade ago

    3. Unemployment

    2. Drugs

    1. Teen Pregnancies

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    1 decade ago

    1. unemployment

    2. drugs

    3. homelessness

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    Irresponsibilty, self-indulgence, lack of education.

    Tell me one problem that is not caused by at least one of these--debt, unwanted pregnancy, promiscuity, disease, crime?

    Solution: bring back discipline and involved parents.

    Doctors are afraid to practice becuase of malpractice suits and parents are afraid to discpline because of ridiculous abuse allegations or too dang tired to care because they are out chasing the Almighty Buck all day

  • 1)Illegal Immigrants



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