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How do the "popular" people act at your high school?

At my school they are fashionable, funny, slutty sometimes, they drink, do sexual stuff to get attention, skip class but get good grades (somehow). Also they just make themselves popular. They call eachother "baby jay" and "baby ay", have facebook, take slutty pictures and edit them to make them "classy", make what they are typing "look good" (likee thiss ! very annoying double letters.), know all of the hot guys, throw parties but only invite "the populars", ect.

I'm in grade 9 and I know about 10 couples who have had sex ! I think this is so crazy, I don't know about you. I think they just want attention.

Anyways how do they act at your school?

ps. they also pretend to be reallyyy stupid ! one girl randomly asked in a sqeaky girly voice, "does cheese grow on trees?" and then giggled.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Most kids at my school that are what I would consider "popular" (which actually includes myself) are:

    1. Very smart

    2. Athletic

    3. Fun-loving

    4. Act crazy at parties and dances

    5. Are friendly to everyone

    6. Don't bias friends on gender

    7. Ethical

    8. Flirtatious

    Maybe my school is a bit different... most of my friends go to church and are Christian. I wear a purity ring. But I like having fun. Flirting, having lots of friends, etc.... it's all part of having fun during the "best years," is it not?

    But everywhere is different, obviously. I consider "popularity" being nice and having tons of friends. I have a lot of friends, and I have straight A's, am very religious, and I just like to have fun. Popularity and stupidity can be associated with each other, but just because you're popular doesn't mean that you are stupid.


    Wow, BoBiceLuver.... when you say that you aren't as "stupidd" as people think you are, are you serious?

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    • ?4 years agoReport

      Popularity is an opinion. To me, you sound like a normal boring life person.

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  • Kalla
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    6 years ago

    I was in high school from 2007-2011 the popular kids were cliche and not at the same time.

    1. They wear AE, Aeropostal, etc; they have coach bags and wore plenty of makeup

    2. They were the children of doctors, lawyers, the rich people

    3. Football payers were as stupid as bricks and sometimes not the most popular. Being athletic (no matter the sport) made you more likely to become popular, something I never rightly understood. Another oddity was that many people in marching band were popular. i.e. they hardly feel under the nerdy, awkward stereotype.

    4. You also described the popular students very well as that it was similar here too. ( fashionable, funny, slutty sometimes, they drink, do sexual stuff to get attention, skip class but get good grades). I always thought it was weird how many popular kids were athletic and on the A-honor roll.

    The cheese growing on trees thing is funny, but I believe that could happen. There are people who are so stupid, so, so stupid and it's worse in teens.

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  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    How to act "high class" in school: 1. Put others first before yourself. But according to your uneducated snobby typing, being poor is the worst thing ever. 2. Don't drop your friends because they're poor. Once again, you're a hypocrite. 3. Have a good education. But you don't have a good education, I mean look at your writing. 4. Just have respect, and STOP worrying about a high class, popular, uneducated life. You're taking the wrong road. Most people that take that road are basically throwing their future out the window.

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  • In Year 6 (2014), I was in the "popular" group. We did bend the rules, however we were nice to one and other. When I got to High School, the next year, the popular group was full of idiots, so I stayed away from them as they were trouble. Now, they bully people, go to crazy parties, do drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and do really stupid things

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I'm not in high school anymore, but this is basically how it went: The girls wore preppy clothing, some too revealing some not. They also had a tendency to be very loud/obnoxious and acted very arrogant. Both genders tended to be more sexually active than any other group, and from what I observed the popular group was made up of quite a few partying, drinking, closet-potheads. I really hope it's not like this everywhere.

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  • 5 years ago

    At my school it's mainly if they're in varsity sports and lots of AP's and Honor classes. I don't really get it lol, but it's nice I guess. They're the ones in charge of student sections at football games and going crazy at rallies.

    Most of the time if you're a slacker or ditch class too much they won't talk to you, some are pretty friendly though.

    Cheerleaders aren't really popular, except for like 5, our cheer team sucks. The dance team is the most popular, if you're in there you're pretty much popular.

    As for what they wear, no one really cares I think. I mean, I shop at the thrift store.

    • Kadidja5 years agoReport

      Same with my school if you're smart then yours popular

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  • 4 years ago

    I wouldn't want to be them even if I had the chance.

    1. They wear underarmour and Nike. They don't wear any other brands. This is funny because I'm not a popular but everything I wear is brand name. (I'm not bragging, it's just funny because popular people think they're all that just because they have brand name.)

    2. Their lives suck at home, their houses are usually ugly.

    3. Most of their grandparents buy them the clothes because like I said, their parents can't afford it lol

    4. They think sports make them look hood. Absolutely not.

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  • 3 years ago

    I wouldn't call myself popular but i wouldn't call myself one of the nerdy kids or shy people. I have lots of friends and the popular people always say hi to me and i make friends really easily. But anyway, the popular people at my school vary. Some are really nice and helpful, and others always start drama and cry but they are nice to people they don't really know. Like they'll talk about other popular people behind their backs but if they aren't really friends with someone they are nice to them. yea

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  • 1 decade ago

    The popular at my school, they act slutty, wear hollister,ae, etc. i wear it too, im not popular. Ive been invited to join the posse but i turned it down.. it was weird.. umm, they act all nice to your face then go behind your back.. they pretend to be friends iwth everyone.. when they see you in public they act as if they dont know you.. they party alot.. some of them dont drink, they try to make themselves look good without being slutty ( im in 8th grade and this one girl in the change room was like ive done sexual stuff, just didnt go all the way.. then giggled ) and she always makes her boobs bounce hwen she walks and hol dhtem when she talks.. yep, its bad..

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  • 1 decade ago

    im 14 n im a freshman im one of the popular girls but i always get straight a's n would never act lik a slut my mom would kill me but yea i call my best friend victoria tori baby or boo n a couple other of my friends too im worried about my grades play soccer n wanna b a doctor i think most of the popular 8th graders i kno all act like little sluts which i find rediculous but yea as far as i kno most of my friends are virgins im very outgoing and funny and wear clothes from hollister pacsun abercrombie n aeropostale for the most part as do most of my friends we go to most of the parties a couple drink but for the most part not really i definetly dont while im out with ppl i dont really kno some of the pics we take might seem slutty but it just depends on if u kno us or not i do the annoying double letters depending on who im talking to n sometimes i act stupid but only when im making fun of other ppl nothing as stupid as cheese growing on trees though lol but yea i guess thats pretty much it

    Source(s): well im popular
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