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Pagans: Do you always ask permission first before sending positive energy to someone?

Is there ever a time when it is okay in your path not to get permission? Also what about spells? Should you ask permission first?

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    I ask whenever it is possible to ask. If someone is unconscious, then I do a judgment call. Do I think the person would be offended by my help? If I don't think the person would have a problem with it, I do it.

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    Sending Positive Energy To Someone

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    I am supposed to get permission before involving myself in the matters of another.

    Most of the time I have been asked to send positive energy when I do so - so yes, permission has been granted. And if theres a reason I feel I want to do something for someone I'm generally going to ask first. But I use common sense too - if someone I know is in the hospital, I'm not going to wait until they wake up so I can ask them if it's alright with them if I send them some positive energy.... that is downright silly to me. I'll take my consequences on stuff like that. But I don't just go sending out energy with every energy request that comes through my inbox either.

    My ethics dictate that well intentioned meddling is not much different from ill intentioned meddling in the grand scheme of things, but I am always going to be guided by my own view of things and that's my logic regardless of what type of things we're talking about.

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    I always ask permission. Just because it is positive energy doesn't mean it is wanted. Some people would rather suffer (I know that sounds silly but it does happen). You should always ask permission to send positive energy to someone else......

    Actually I just thought of the one exception, which must be taken with great care!!

    If you have to do a binding spell against someone who is out to harm you or others, this is the only time when permission is not needed but always remember, there will most likely be some negative Karma for doing the binding even when it is for the greater good. So ask yourself if the negative Karma is worth binding that person.

    Blessed Be )O(

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    Well, when doing spell work or ritual I would always ask permission first even if I am asked to help. Asking and giving permission is two different things, even though so slight.

    I give positive energy to whoever wants it. My friends joke calling me the "Smiling Pagan" sometimes. Being a fire element with a fire sign it makes it hard for me to keep my cool at certain times, especially if a friend or relative is being hurt or feel like they are being unjustly attacked or yelled at. I send protective energy or "incase them" in my own to help and I usually do not ask permission (when I know I should in some cases) but I am also tender hearted and can feel emotions of others and the momma in me wants to help. If someone tells me they have a bad day or are going through something like a surgery or severe depression I let them know that I am putting out positive energy for them and when they need it they can just tap into it if they need it. But I believe that the gifts the gods gave me were for that purpose and many of us, like myself, were given these for that purpose.

    Also, you can sit or stand in an area, away from people like at a party or even a store, and call up positive energy around you. Without saying anything to show that you have and people will automatically gravitate to your area. Why? Because, it is a positive in an area of negative influences natural and synthetic. So, personally, I do not believe you need to ask permission to send positive energy, if they want it or when they need it they will take it, even subcontiously.


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    Having to ask before sending "positive energy" is like asking if its ok to think about someone. I'm sorry, but my brain goes where it wishes. I don't ask permission to think what I will.

    As for spells, I usually ask permission out of common courtesy.

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    Im not sure. I send positive energy always. I arrive and leave giving positive energy. I find in my line of work its helpful to always give positive energy.. Its someones choice if they want to recieve it. Would you decline someones hello or smile. I find all energy the same way. You either accept or deny it.

    edit: i am agreeing with the newer athier bad tim. I look at it the same way. I would never send someone negative energy or work spells without permission.

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    basically, reflecting on a loved one is sending positive energy, so no, i don't place a high value on receiving permission. i don't think it's necessary to do so unless you will be invoking a higher power on their behalf or doing a ritual. before i will include somebody outside of my immediate family in my healing circle's rituals, i will ask if it's ok, but mostly because i will reveal their name and condition to the rest of the circle.

    edit: i'm speaking from a standpoint of merely sending energy, spellwork should never be done without permission, except in a case of self-defense. an example is: today linguistic pedants are picking on the heathens today, and i've been empathizing with them. that's energy sent. if they want it, it's available to them, otherwise, it's just so much of the universal life source.

  • Absolutely. It is a requirement in my tradition that you must get the permission of the person you are sending energy to, praying for, or doing a spell for.

    Anything else is a violation of their Will and is like a minor case of hubris, to assume you know what's best for them.

    Posted for Bella:

    Spells to protect yourself from someone else is not necessarily directed against or toward that person and is totally cool, at least in my trad.

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    I have, on occasion sent positive energy to people without their permission. It was always spontaneous, and I stopped as soon as I caught myself. The only time I have sent energy to someone without their permission is when they have just passed on, to help them on their journey. Positive spell work should always be done with permission. Negative spell work of course would be hard to get permission for. Ever mind the rule of three. Of course protective/warding spells on your own property affect other people without their permission, so you should craft them carefully so as not to backfire on you. Hope that helps.

    Blessed Be.

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