Anyone see previous movies on "I Am Legend" movie?

I discovered that there were two previous movies made based on the "I Am Legend" story by Richard Matheson.

One was called "The Omega Man" made in 1971 starring Charlton Heston. The other was called "The Last Man on Earth" made in 1964 starring Vincent Price. Has anyone seen these movies and if so were they any good?

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    1 decade ago
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    i've seen them both...'last man on earth' is a b&w movie that sticks pretty close to matheson' s fantastic book...

    'the omega man' just plain stinks...

    but, even after 3 attempts, hollywood still hasn't done real justice to the book...although we were spared a rumoured vesrion starrin' ahnuld...

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    "The Last Man on Earth" was an Italian-American production, filmed in black-and-white, and though it was very faithful to Richard Matheson's original novel, it had a very low-budget, low-tech feel about it, and even with a running time of 86 minutes, seemed to go on forever.

    "The Omega Man", even with color and a good budget, was more a starring vehicle for Charlton Heston than good science-fiction, and included a motorcycle-riding, gun-toting girl sidekick, a laughable performance by Anthony Zerbe as the leader of the night people, and a jaw-droppingly awful parallel of Heston's character to Christ (including crucifixion) at the end of the film. Bad cinema.

    No one yet has made the "true" adaptation of Matheson's novel. Too bad.

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    Last Man on Earth is fantastic, and the Omega Man was kind of silly but watchable. Both are better than I Am Legend, IMO.

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    1 decade ago

    I saw most of the Omega Man but had to go out towards the end - didn't mind as I found film quite boring.

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    The omega have a B- rating by yahoo users

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    you are right. I saw omega man -very cool

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