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which is better between physics or astronomy in my life?i mean which is better to take and to gain more money?

i mean which is better in my life which have a lot of salary.and which is harder and which is easier and how much can i get when i will pass the masters in this subjects and most important is which is more interesting and can learn a lot of things.pls help me to take one in my future life.(i like astronomy but that is so darn hard.

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    Physics and astronomy will be equally hard, and more and more astronomers are becoming "astrophysicists" which means they're working in both fields. In either case, you're going to have to be extremely good at math, particularly calculus, and you're going to have to develop outstanding research skills.

    Frankly, if you want to make a lot of money, you could just go become a liquid materials welder (they repair leaks in oil and gas pipelines--often underwater or in the arctic or in dangerous places like Iraq--and they don't turn off the oil or gas while you weld, so it's super-dangerous, but it pays hundreds per hour). Or something else that requires less education and less difficulty. The only people who should become astronomers or physicists are those who have a natural drive and affinity for those subjects.

    You might benefit greatly from visiting the career development center in your college's student services office. They have tools to test you for your attitudes and aptitudes, so that they can advise you about what careers you'd find fulfilling--and then they can access labor department databases to tell you which of those careers would be highly paid and in demand. Maybe you wind up working as a pharmacologist (super high demand, $60K per year to start) or an IT security manager. Or maybe even a long-haul truck driver (huge demand as the baby boom generation retires, $60-120K annually or more if you do special loads).

    But I could suggest dozens of careers and maybe not come up with the one for you--for that you need one-on-one service which, alas, I can't give you here. But your college's career center can, and they'll work with you even before you're officially enrolled in classes.

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    Why elect? Astrophysics is a mix of them the two. as a ways because of the fact the money is going, you will possibly maximum in all probability finally end up coaching or if rather fortunate (like some human beings i comprehend) working for an enterprise with an energetic analyze software. You had extra useful be arranged to have a PhD in astronomy, physics or astrophysics in case you assume to make good money at it. even in spite of the undeniable fact that, enable me upload, the thrill of the artwork is lots extra useful than any economic features.

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    i would say physics cause there are lots of good jobs (like doctor) that need physics but astronomy is pretty much just astronot, mind you physics is a lot harder

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