Today is a special day in my faith (Good Friday)? Does today have any special meaning for you?

This is a special day in my faith. For Christians, it is good Friday.

For me, it's the day to remember Jesus Christ's sacrifice and the price he paid. I am so very blessed to have received him as my savior.

What does today mean to you?



There are some wonderful answers here about so many different religions during this time. Thank you for sharing.

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    Every Good Friday since I can remember (even when I was not a believer) I have always paused at some point during the day and thought of Jesus dying on the cross.

    Now, as a believer, I pause and reflect on that great sacrifice and the awesome power that was released as the earth shook and the great curtain in the temple was torn in two as Jesus died.

    "and on that cross as Jesus died

    The wrath of God is satisfied

    For every sin on Him was laid

    here in the power of Christ I live"

    from the worship song "in Christ Alone"

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    Have a blessed Easter

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    >> For Christians, it is good Friday.

            Not all Christians -- mostly only Catholics (and those Protestant denominations whom don't exactly "protest" the practices of the Catholic church very well). Today does have special meaning for me, though (as does every Friday), for today is the Bible preparation day for the Bible Sabbath (which begins at sundown this evening).

            As for the day Christ was Crucified, this still isn't it. The timing of God's Calendar is that the Day of Passover (on which Jesus was Crucified) is the 14th day of the first month of each new year. Each year begins with the new cycle of the sun (what is referred to today as the spring equinox). Each month begins with the new cycle of the moon (which is referred to today as the observable new moon -- as opposed to the astronomical new moon). Since, from Creation, God provided the sun, moon, and stars as signs for His Feasts (Gen 1:14), then we must observe the sign *before* the event. Thus, the Day of Passover is the 14th day *after* the first new moon which occurs on or *after* the spring equinox.

    God bless.

    EDIT: Creation:

    >> ...we should have celebrated it Wednesday.Friday night

    >> to Sunday morning is not 3 days and 3 nights.

            You err in your understanding. Jesus never said He would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights. That phrase is only used ONE time (figuratively being "in the heart of the earth"; Mat. 12:40): compared to the phrase "the third day" -- which is used at least 14 times in reference to His literal Resurrection. Also:

    ● The Bible explicitly states He was Crucified on the "preparation day" (Mat. 27:62; Mar. 15:42; Luke 23:54; John 19:31) which the Jews *never* use this phrase for *any* day except Friday -- the day before the weekly Sabbath (Saturday).

    ● Even if you don't accept that "preparation day" only applies to Friday, the Bible also states that the next day was a "high sabbath" (John 19:31). This phrase refers to the fact that the weekly sabbath coincided with an annual sabbath that year. From Leviticus 23, we know that the day after Passover is just such an annual sabbath (the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread). If, as you say, He had been crucified on Wednesday, then Thursday would have been the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and neither Thursday nor Saturday would have been a "high sabbath."

    God bless.

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    I do not celebrate Easter or Chrismas because the are evil and pagan in origin. But , today has a very special meaning to many of us christians.

    It is part of three day celebration or Purim, in which we celebrate what God did for the jews thru Esther. You don t have to be jewish to celebrate the High HOly days, we arent to take part in the pagan easter > But, there are wonderful holy days we can celebrate. They arent about parties and gift giving. Example for purim its a time you give more for the poor. Its like with JEsus, HE came to serve, not be served.

    I count that all as joy. There is more you can find out about this from Elijah list and a few other sites.

    God is good.

    Time to remember the birth of Jesus, His life, death, burial and resurrection, for therein lies our blessed hope, but it sure has nothing to do with Jesus

    Celebrate Jesus celebrate.

    Sister shirley

    Source(s): God, The Holy Bible and the Holy SPirit REMEMBER JESUS IS LORD>
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    Easter is my favorite (and hardest) time of year. I went to the Holy Thursday Mass yesterday and broke down; today I'm attending the prayer service, and later tonight will watch the Passion of the Christ. Add fasting to that, and I should be a wreck. But, it's for my Jesus. Hopefully, I'll have to backbone to live more faithfully throughout the year, and not just fade back into the usual once the emotional waves recede.

    God bless.

    Source(s): I am Catholic.
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  • Wendy
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    4 years ago

    Ok, Lent is the symbolic fasting period of when Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and nights. Now, remember even though lent is 40 days technically in reality its 47 days in 2010, this is because you dont count sundays (its the sabbath so thats why) This year lent has already passed, i gave up the computer... it was horrible... but next year it starts on Februrary 17 which is ash wednesday. and ends April 5 which is easter monday. What you do is you give up one thing that you use or do every day. You must go 47 days without this one thing. and at the end of lent you can take up your bad habit. lol

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    I am a christian also and Good Friday is a great day for me also as this is the day that we thank the lord and savior Jesus Christ. for all what he did sacrifice for us his children.Amen.

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    I am Christian, but Good Friday is not all that special. It signifies the day that Christ suffered on the cross. Yes, it concluded the atoning for our sins, but I also believe that the atonement began the night before in garden when he sweat great drops of blood. No - Easter is MUCH more important. Easter to us simple human beings proves that Jesus is the Christ - that He was able to overcome death and live again - that His is truly the Son of God - and that He lives even today.

  • Amelie
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    1 decade ago

    I envy you! Good Friday is very special to me, but I had to work today because it's not a holiday in Japan. I'll go to church on Sunday, though, to celebrate the abunbant life Jesus gave us.

  • 1 decade ago

    what are you getting all excited about pagan rituals? my cousin is wiccan and is celebrating the same day you are... hello?! anyone home mcfly? seriously even you even read your bible you would understand that, christ kept the same original holidays that he gave unto moses at sinai... not good friday, not easter, passover, the days of unleavened bread pentacost, atonement, trumpets and tabernacles.. so why are you running around pretending to be christian when you are practicing and keeping the holidays of the pagans instead of the holydays of god?..

    gimme break

  • pappyg
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    1 decade ago

    No, we are to remember His death every first day of the week. Act 20:7 And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.

    Source(s): KJV
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