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Poll: Does your city/town have red light cameras?

those cameras that take pictures of ppl running red lights.

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    Yes we do but fortunately they don't face the direction I am ususally going. I am approaching intersections more slowly than ever. It's a $100 a pop here!

  • Oh yeah!

    In Chicago we gottem all over the place. I got nabbed once for an intersection I do pass sometimes, but don't remember violating. But months later I got a letter from the city in the mail with a ticket inside; included were 3 photos of my car:

    a close up of my license plate

    a shot of the front of my car crossing the pedestrain line; one red light

    a shot of my entire car flying thru the cross; 3 red lights

    I could dispute nothing!

    You know when your busted at the scene because at the moment you cross too late, a bright white light from the cameras blazes the intersection

    I once saw 3 cars in a row run a red arrow to turn left, you would've thought it was the 4th of July!

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    yes we do. I live just outside of Washington DC.

    I heard a funny red light cam stroy on the radio:

    These lights were tried first in Chicago (true). Well it seems that a man got a ticket in the mail with a photo of his car running a red light. It was a $50. ticket. He sent into the police station a photo of a $50. bill. They sent him back a photo of handcuffs. He paid the ticket.

    You should ask people where they are from. It will answer your question.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes!! When the light is turning yellow you have to stomp the gas and go or slam on the brakes to stop so you don't get a ticket. The rear end of my car was under the light when it turned red, later that week I got a $50 ticket in the mail :)

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  • AJ
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, My city has red light cameras. As a result I've been hit twice.

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    In the city I used to live in, it did.

  • Yes, and a few years ago, My sister found my neice who had run away, a ticket came in the mail of my neice running a red light in L.A. ! Weird huh? j

  • Wendy
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    4 years ago

    I hate them, mainly because I got a ticket sent to my house with my picture driving right through a red light. But, it was yellow when I started through.

  • Brooke
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    1 decade ago

    Yes. I worked for a police dept. when the town installed the cameras. We never even looked at them. They are such a waste. Who is going to watch them 24 hours a day?

  • holly
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    1 decade ago

    Yes I live in Sydney Australia we have them in all cities and most metropolitan towns

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