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where can i find good quality ST of following movies?

my best friend's wedding, enchanted, step up2


i want the songs not the movies ......... i have no idea which songs are they i just liked the tunes ......n i m ready to buy an entire new cd of songs just to get one song if only i knew the song!!!

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    i don't know where you can down load them, but here is a list of them.

    My Best Friends Wedding

    "I Say A Little Prayer (For You)" - Diana King

    "Wishin' and Hopin'" - Ani DiFranco

    "You Don't Know Me" - Jann Arden

    "Tell Him" - The Exciters

    "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself"- Nicky Holland

    "I'll Be Okay" - Amanda Marshall

    "The Way You Look Tonight" - Tony Bennett

    "What the World Needs Now Is Love" - Jackie Deshannon

    "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" - Mary Chapin Carpenter

    "Always You" - Sophie Zelmani

    "If You Wanna Be Happy" - Jimmy Soul

    "I Say A Little Prayer (For You)" - The Cast of My Best Friends Wedding

    "Suite From My Best Friends Wedding" - James Newton Howard


    The soundtrack was officially released on November 20, 2007 by Walt Disney Records and contains 15 audio tracks, which include the five original songs used in the film as well as the film's score. The music was orchestrated by Blake Neely, conducted by Michael Kosarin and performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony. Although "Ever Ever After" was not released as a single, a music video of the song was made.

    "True Love's Kiss" (performed by Amy Adams and James Marsden) – 3:13

    "Happy Working Song" (performed by Amy Adams) – 2:11

    "That's How You Know" (performed by Amy Adams and Marlon Saunders) – 3:49

    "So Close" (performed by Jon McLaughlin) – 3:49

    "Ever Ever After" (performed by Carrie Underwood) – 3:31

    "Andalasia" – 1:47

    "Into the Well" – 4:42

    "Robert Says Goodbye" – 3:16

    "Nathaniel and Pip" – 4:03

    "Prince Edward's Search" – 2:24

    "Girls Go Shopping" – 1:41

    "Narissa Arrives" – 1:34

    "Storybook Ending" – 10:44

    "Enchanted Suite" – 4:36

    "That's Amore" (performed by James Marsden) – 3:07

    Step Up 2

    "Low" Flo Rida featuring T-Pain 3:50

    2. "Shake Your Pom Pom" Missy Elliott 4:00

    3. "Killa" Cherish featuring Yung Joc 3:50

    4. "Hypnotized" Plies featuring Akon 3:08

    5. "Is It You" Cassie 3:57

    6. "Can't Help But Wait (Remix)" Trey Songz featuring Plies 3:24

    7. "Church" T-Pain 4:00

    8. "Ching-a-Ling" Missy Elliott 3:38

    9. "Push" Enrique Iglesias 3:28

    10. "369" Cupid featuring B.o.B 3:31

    11. "Impossible" Bayje 4:08

    12. "Lives in Da Club" Sophia Fresh featuring Jay Lyriq 3:28

    13. "Girl You Know (Remix)" Scarface featuring Trey Songz 4:15

    14. "Say Cheese" KC 4:05

    15. "Let It Go" Brit & Alex 3:21

    16. "Ain't No Stressin" Montana Tucker, Sikora and Denial 4:19

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    I really wish people would stop trying to get free movies. It's ILLEGAL! Stop being so tight and buy the DVDs or go see them at the theater.

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