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What does the future hold for a kid like Shannon Matthews?

Let's assume she's okay and she's allowed to go back to her mum and her mum's boyfriend and the siblings that live with them - what then? What can you see in the future for a child with her background?


Lady Pipkin - no-one has a crystal ball, but realistically, how many kids from that kind of background end up being pop-stars and how many end up wasting their dole money on lottery tickets and dreaming of having pop-star wealth?

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    That poor litle girl, i watched the channel 4 programme last night and burst into tears, the mother hardly showed much emotion and i must admit if it was my child, i would be frantic with worry and sobbing all the time.

    I have four kids but id adopt her and give her love like she deserves.

    My heart goes out to her.

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    Being realistic, they are not very well educated & with 6 siblings & the male parent role being on a revolving door sort of arrangement with whoever happens to be with the mother at that particular time, Shannon & her siblings will see thiers as an average way of life & will all repeat the same behaviours in their own live.

    Shannon will probably have left school & have at least one child by more than one man by the age of 17.

    I think the best thing that could happen for this child is for her to be put into the foster care system where she will have a chance of living with an established, loving family.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If Shannon is allowed back home to her mother,then she has not got a very bright future at all,for once lets hope the social services find her a decent family and give her a good future too look forwards too,but for the social services too do anything good will be a miracle xx

  • sadly follow in her mums footsteps pregnant by 16 and then keep on having em, different dads of course, sad this country needs a shake up

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  • 1 decade ago

    She could go to school and end up with a first class degree in rocket science, or she could end up pregnant by 14, or she could work full time in a job she loves.

    No one has a crystal ball

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    Pretty empty...follow in her mother's footsteps I guess....7 kids by 5 different fathers. Her parents seem a bit thick so not much chance for the kid there.

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    she has as much chance as any other person to make something of her life, its all about believing you can achieve more out of life. the best chance anyone can get it to aquire a good education ,schools need improving in poorer areas

  • Simmo
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    1 decade ago

    kids from "her background" can go and have gone on to do many things. she could have a number one single in 10 years.

    if the govt meet their aim, half of her class will go to university, and so she'd have a 50:50 chance of being one of them

    if the country wasnt so geared to helping the rich get richer, there wouldnt be so many kids from "her background"

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    If ya ask me the stepfather was partly responsible for this whole episode bud, presumably the suspect was his uncle.....?

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    She'll be pregnant and on benefits by the time she's 17 no doubt.

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