Can I use my computer while defragmenting? Like playing computer games or recording music?

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    One of the primary reasons not to use your computer whilst defragging is the problem incurred by creating non-movable files.

    Any file that is in use by software running on your computer can not be moved around the hard drive. So if you are running a game, many of the files that it uses will not be defragged.

    Because of this, the hard drive will order other files around these unmovable files, and in effect can increase fragmentation. It is for this reason that you get better defrag results (within Windows) when running in safe mode).

    The system will defrag the hard drive, but to be honest, if you are running games you would be better off simply not running the defrag software.

    Source(s): Too many years as a professional IT engineer.
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    You can, but it is not a smart idea. You HDD moves around a lot when defragging. It also does that when you are playing games. It's like stepping on the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time on your car, sooner or later something is going to give. Doing both at once can cause your HDD to overheat, and fail. (BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP) You can, however, browse the web safely, or use any application that doesn't access the hard drive too much. You can test this by looking at the HDD light on your computer case/ laptop. This tells you when the hard drive is being accessed. (When you first launch an application, no matter what it is, it will access the HDD a lot. Also, while defragging, this light will stay on, that is normal. Generally a kirr-kirr-kirr is a good thing while defragging. Genreally a KIRR-DUK-DUK-KIRR is not a good thing while defragging. Mister El has no clue what he is talking about, he is speaking out of his ***. Try Auslogics Disk Defrag: It is much faster than the built in utility included in Windows.

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    you can , depending on the defrag utility used.

    Avoid to defrag partitions/drives that are actually used at the same time for gaming or recording because you may end up with bad clusters and/or defrag duration will grow out of proportion

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    1. Virus 2. Low on resources. 3. Too hot. Clean your pc of viruses, add some RAM, or a new graphics card, and put in a minimum of two fans. Used to happen to my PC so i added a 512 MB RAM to my previous 256MB and put in 4 fans and also put in a new ge-force card. Now i have no problem with games. But my processor is playing the fool now.

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    you can, contingent upon the defrag utility utilized.

    Maintain a strategic distance from to defrag allotments/drives that are really utilized in the meantime to game or recording since you may wind up with terrible groups as well as defrag length will become out of extent

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    You can but the defrag can use quite a bit of resources as it moves files so your experience gaming and recording is likely to suffer.

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    Not if you are using the built in program, because it will restart/hang if any program interrupts the task. If you want to be able to use the PC normally when the defragger does it task, download some third party tool that can be set to defrag in real time.

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