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我想要這首歌的翻譯___back to the middle

Back To The Middle

She is, twenty five, spent over half of her life

So afraid to speak her mind, it's such a shame

&cause what a brilliant mind she has


And now she's been introduced to confidence

She doesn't see, that she is bordering on arrogance

When will she learn, to come back to the middle

He is, a young black man, grew up without his father

And now it falls into his hands, to protect his mother

&cause if he doesn't, well then who will, his older brother lives in fear

Of everything, especially, trying to fill his father's shoes


Respectively, they go to extremes, of masculine and feminine

Chasing dreams, but they keep on falling

&cause they don't know no balance

When will they learn, to come back to the middle


You must take the good with the bad, and you might hit the wall

Sometimes you'll fly and sometimes you'll fall

There isn't any way, to avoid the pain

But it's getting burned, that's how you will learn

To come back to the middle

Instrumental break


Needing to protect your self now that is just a part of life

If you let your fears keep you from flying, you will never reach your height

To get to the top you must come back to the middle

When will we learn, to come back to the middle

Come back to the middle, come back to the middle

Don't make no mind about falling down

&cause it's when you're in that valley

You can see both sides more clearly

Come back to the middle


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    她是, 二十五, 被花費的結束一半她的生活很害怕說出她的想法, 這是這樣羞辱?因為她有精采的頭腦


    並且她現在被介紹了給她不看的信心, 那她與傲慢毗鄰何時她將學會, 回來中部

    他是, 一個年輕黑人, 長大沒有他的父親並且它現在分成他的手, 保護他的母親?cause 如果他不, 很好然後誰意志, 他的更舊的兄弟生活擔心一切, 特別是, 設法填裝他的父親的鞋子


    他們去極端, 男性和女性追逐的夢想, 但他們保持在下落的?[因為他們不知道平衡何時他們將學會, 回來中部

    橋梁您必須採取好以壞, 並且您也許擊中牆壁您有時將飛行並且您有時將跌倒那裡不是任一個方式, 避免痛苦但它得到燒, 是怎麼您將學會回來中部


    需要保護您的自已即然正義的生活的部份如果您讓您的恐懼保留您從飛行, 您從未將到達您的高度在您必須回來對中部的上面得到何時我們將學會, 回來中部

    回來中部, 回來中部不要做頭腦關於跌倒它是的?因為您是谷您能更加清楚看雙方


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