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How many times have you heard this in the last seven years of this administration?

Today I heard McCain say once again that we "shouldn't look back" to what got us into this war, like Obama is doing, but look forward to solving the problems it has created.

"Don't look back..."

"Past is past, we need to concentrate on the future..."

"The Democrats shouldn't waste their time with investigations of the past but work on solving the problems of the future" (George W. Bush, paraphrased)

And you always hear it from the Republicans. Why do you suppose they don't want us to think about the past?

Could it be because we might remember the President's failure to even read the NIA warning about Bin Laden's plan to attack us with hijacked aircraft?

Or his lies about WMD's and an Iraq/Al Queda connection?

Or his incompetence after Katrina (heckuva job, Brownie)?

Or the huge National Deficit (and corporate profits) he's created with his war in Iraq?

I don't know... Why do YOU think Republicans keep repeatedly telling us not to look back?


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana, The Life of Reason

Update 2:

Try doing an experiment to see if I'm right. The next time you hear a politician, news commentator, or op-ed say that we shouldn't think about the past, or shouldn't look back, pay attention to who says it.

They might try to give it a positive spin, like "We need to look forward, and solve the problems of the future that matter to the American People, not waste time worrying about the past..."

I can almost guarantee it will be a Republican, or a conservative supporter, who said it.

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    first of all,why do all these republicans try to use clintons time in office to somehow minimize the bush admin failures and LIES.then when they have no answer they start the name calling with "liberal this and liberal that". then one guy posts about the civil rights voting and such,well guess what?that was when democrats were conservatives now do you see the connection. if we are going to name the democrats past lets not forget things like nixon resigning to avoid impeachment or reagan and the iran /contra affair or the 30+ republicans in the past 3 years who have been convicted and charged for sex crimes against minors all the while campaigning under the "family values" umbrella.

  • Anonymous
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    If we look back we see the draft dodgers wife voting for the war. Of course if we look back we see the draft dodger himself letting Bin Laden get away.

    You can't change the past, we must look forward and resolve the problems, not spend our time placing blame, cause there is plenty blame to go around.

    The answer is not another "Klinton" (intentional misspelling) or a parrot chanting "Yes we can".. We need a commander in Chief that will allow us to end the wars with dignity and respect for the fallen!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Another ploy. But Americans know better.

    Bush will be prosecuted, along with the rest of his billionaire buddies.

    Rumsfeld should suffer extraordinary rendition, instead of getting $1 million per speech.

    This is all a travesty of huge proportions and it continues because they have paid operatives on this board generating interest from the media.

    Obama's supporters had better learn how to wallow with pigs because they abound on Yahoo,

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    I'm a republican and disagree with "don't look in the past". I believe if you study the past, it will help you with the future.

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  • Ashley
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    1 decade ago

    Because, we know if you look into your past, you'll see all the racism your party dispersed.

    The KKK, wanting to allow slavery, voting less than the Republican for the Civil Rights act of '64, marching against black people....geez, the list goes on and on!

    You, however, have some facts wrong. Katrina? Hmm... look at their MAYOR and GOVERNOR!

    WMD's? I would classify Saddam as a WMD...he killed hundreds of thousands (we have so much proof there is no way in hell you can deny that)


    Who said it was going to be cheap? NO ONE.

    Who said it was going to be quick? NO ONE.

    Who said lives would not be lost? NO ONE.

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    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    Source(s): George Santayana
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    you will hear it from every single Bush supporter that is left.... "that is in the past" they will say. Or, "it doesn't matter how or why the war was started, we just need to finish it".... that is all b.s. There needs to be an investigation. Someone needs to be held responsible for this mess.

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    The same reason a rapist tries to convince the parole board at his prison that the "past is the past"; he wants off the hook for a crime that was committed.

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    Yeah, wouldn't want to make sure we don't repeat history by looking back at it...that might be scary!!!

  • Anonymous
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    If you want to dig up the past.....lets start with the clintons' past and that 8 years of agony.. jeez you liberals have a really short that because you still live at home with mommy and daddy?????clinton had chance to get bin-ladin....but his was head over heels involved in dress staining at the time.....don't look back...get a job move out on your own and think for liberals make me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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