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Help! spybot search and destroy?

I heard that when spybot scans the computer and comes up with the infomation?it gives you the spyware's description and information?How do I do that?

Is spybot search and destroy a great tool to detect spyware and viruses? If I downloaded AVG it says :"We recomend that you should uninstalle the current AntiVirus.."?Why and How?


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    Spybot and AVG-Antivirus are different type of security programs. Spybot detects spyware NOT VIRUS, and AVG detect VIRUS. You could have both program installed on your computer.

    1.- The reason why AVG tells you to uninstall the current antivirus program is because you should have ONLY ONE antivirus program installed on your PC. If you have more than one, you would have problem because each program will detect the other one as a virus.

    2.- Spybot:

    You could do the scan in "Default Mode", but if you wish to select the scan's options for spybot, then:

    a) In the Toolbar select MODE-->Advanced Mode

    b) On the left side menu, select SETTINGS --> FILE SETS and check the options you wish to scan

    To run spybot scan:

    a) On the left side menu, select "Search & Destroy"

    b) Select "Check for Problems"

    If you don't have installed SPYBOT, you could download it at

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    i think i understand your problem. antivirus softwares are incompatible with other security softwares, but you should not have any such problem with AVG and Spybot.

    uninstall AVG, install Spybot and then install AVG again. that should resolve your issue.

    btw, spybot is not an anti-virus software, it is an anti-spyware, so it is a good idea to have both AVG and Spybot.

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    Spybot is not an anti virus.

    Elaborate, idon't understand.

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