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what color eyeliner would look good on me?


srry for the eyes closed.


my eyes are a deep brown(:

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    You have light brown hair and a light complexion, so try a brown eyeliner. Black might be too harsh.

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    It all depends on your eye color. You can never go wrong with black or brown (or even white if you know how to use it), but if you want to use some color, there are specific sets of eye makeup dedicated to "bringing out the brown/green/blue."

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    I don't know what you look like.

    It depends on several things...

    1)skin color


    3)your personal style

    If you are a teenager you would wear the more stylish colors like neon's or bright colors. Fair skin would be pinks and blues. Beige would be purple,gold, or sage or a light green. Tan skin would have gold, light green, purple, or brown. Bronze and dark skin would have red, purple,yellow, gold,green, and sometimes dark blue.

    If you are middle aged you would go for more mellow colors. Fair and Beige skin would be pinks and bronzes. Dark skin would be darker colors that would blend well.

    Your style also depends on it. If you are edgy would would go with red, purple, or black. If you have a mellow style you would wear pinks and golds.

    Source(s): style magizines such as vogue.
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    Do people still use eye liner? Really?

    I always use a shadow and blend it - it gives a much softer - more natural look.

    I just love a light hint of green with a brown hair/eyes complexion. Try that.

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    Black, or pink would look good with your haircolor. Stay away from light blue, it looks like you have something stuck on your eyes. Purple might go too.

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    hard to give you an answer when your eyes are closed! Eye color is necessary to match eyeliner

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    brown for a natural understated look

    very dark green (forest or emerald) to make your eyes POP.

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    Dark or chocolate brown

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    i would say a turquios

    one of my friends has similar hair and eye colour and by the looks of it similar skin colour and she looking just amazing!

    definelty try it out

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