a"warm-mails.com" <rewards@warm-mails.com> any body have details about the above PTC site .thanks

these are my earning details in the above a/c


Total Cash Earnings: $ 37,940.0000

Total Point Earnings: 60

Account Transactions Summary


03/21/2008 04:32 Paid Mail Earnings 21,100.00000

11/13/2007 14:06 Paid To Click Earnings 19,840.00000

04/20/2007 04:34 100 X $20PTC(40 second timer) -5,000.00000

04/16/2007 03:21 Sign-up Bonus 2,000.00000


05/12/2007 03:38 Paid To Click Earnings 60.00000

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't trust it. It sounds exactly like any other scam PTC site.

    Why don't you try GPT sites instead? The ones I use are legit and they pay more decently than PTC sites do.

    There's a link on my profile to the sites I use if you're interested. Good luck! :]

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    As far as I know, the show doesn't involve actual onscreen depiction of sexual activity. Of course, what's considered "sexual activity" is a bit vague, as are the laws about child pornography... For instance, what about MTV's other hit show, 16 & Pregnant? Here you have a bunch of underage kids who have OBVIOUSLY engaged in sexual activity, which technically makes this show child pornography as well. But for some reason, this show is considered OK because it's important we encourage teen pregnancy? Or, what about when MTV still used to show music videos? Would Britney Spears' videos be considered child pornography? What about other shows, like Jersey Shore which depicts real people doing much of the same stuff they're condemning Skins for? While the people on this show aren't minors, the show is still popular amongst teenagers. Whether the content is suitable for children or teenagers, should be up to the parents - and not the government - to decide. If the PTC wants to do something about the show, they should be complaining to the sponsors who can then put pressure on MTV by pulling their ads - and more importantly, their ad revenues - from the show or network.

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