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Paul Willaims vs Carlos Quintana Rematch on June 7th Who wins?

Once unbeaten paul williams will try to evenge his only loss to carlos quintana, quintana battered williams in their first meeting with hard left hands and right hooks. He got inside and didnt let up, and williams had no asnwer. But do you think that quintana will do the same this time, or will williams take this fight more seriously than the first, who wins the rematch Carlos Quintana or Paul Williams and how?

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    I was shocked at the way that Carlos Quintana was able to beat Paul Williams- he was able to get on the inside and repeatedly bang away at Williams to the point where his face got all busted up. However, I do think that Williams underestimated Quintana by what he saw of him in the fight with Cotto and I think that Williams was looking ahead to bigger fights (no excuses though because Quintana fought a hell of a fight). So, I believe that for the rematch Williams comes in focused the way he did for Antonio Margarito and really uses his tremendous reach and high punch output to gain the upper hand. I also think that he will go to the body much more because that is what broke Quintana down in the Cotto fight. I predict that Williams will do what he was supposed to do last time and win by either a late round stoppage or a wide points decision.

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    this ought to be a extraordinarily close combat. capability quite equivalent. Chins in Williams desire. Williams would not punch as no longer elementary as Cotto so as that should save Quintana interior the combat. I even have Williams taking an in depth and debatable determination. i could elect to characteristic that if Williams bins Quintana this combat isn't any contest. Williams has a 10 inch attain earnings. Williams could win incredibly. If he trades with Quintana the above applies.

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    Williams underestimated Quintana last time and that will not happen again. He will give Santana the business and stop him in the lat rounds. I give Quintana props for his accomplishment but I do not see his reign being long as a champion. Williams by TKO in 8.

    Source(s): Amateur Middleweight Boxer and avid boxing fan.
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    wow check this dude out saying williams will knock quintana in the 8th. Thats mighty presumptuous. i dunno im kinda mixed. i thought williams was going to beat quintana easy in their first fight and was really shocked by the outcome. now i dont even know what to think. i think if williams makes some adjustments he shoudl be able to pull it off in a close decision, but i will definitedly root for quintana.

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    Quintana, Im not saying it will be easy, just he wil come on top. Maybe a UD

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    I think Williams wins this fight. He didnt seem very motivated the first time and you could tell by his performance. Maybe he was looking ahead to his proposed match with Kermit Cintron. I dunno what was going on in his head. But I think we will see a more focused Paul Williams this time and he wins by 8 RD KO

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    Quintana by knockout this time as he doesn't get winded.

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