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Which 2 pitchers should I add from free agency: glavine, washburn,contreras,rogers, silva, santana, or leiber?

I am planning on signing 2 new good starting pitchers by releasing: matt garza and richie sexson.

tom glavine (braves), jarrod washburn (mariners), jose conteras (whitesox), kenny rogers (tigers), carlos silva (mariners), ervin santana (angels), jon leiber (cubs), and 2 other players that are unlisted are: joe saunders (angels), nate robertson (tigers), jeff suppan (brewers), mark mulder (cardinals), andrew miller (marlins), jason scmidt (dodgers) !

wins, era, whip, and k's all go into consideration, but wins and era are the most important. even if there is a good era pitcher, he might not get wins because he is on a horrible team or if there is a good wins pitcher because he is on a good team, he might have a bad era. also the youth and potential goes into consideration.

can u please help me choose 2 of these pitchers?

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    J. Scmidt & N. Robertson

    Both these guys have proven themselves with 'good stuff'. They are both young and play on good offensive teams which should give them an above average number of wins & take the pressure off.

    Check out Robertson's run early on last year before he got into trouble. The key to these guys is to follow them closely and spot-start against more difficult opponents.

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    Here's my honest opinion. If this was my situation and this was my options, I would take Joe Saunders and Andrew Miller. A lot of the other guys are getting older, the pitches are getting slower and their ERA's have been escalating in recent years. Saunders plays for an Angels team which gives him excellent run support and he's really an underrrated pitcher. So Saunders will give you at least 10 wins this year if his starts aren't taken from him. Andrew Miller, is young, talented and now playing for the Marlins. He showed a little bit of his stuff last year with Detroit, but he also showed his inexperience. But this is a different year, and a new team and I think he has the potential to get at least 10-12 wins this season with about a 3.75 ERA. But again, this is just what I would do if this were my situation and since I love competitive fantasy baseball, these are the two that would improve my team from the pitchers you mentioned. RR

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    I would pick the 2 Mariners because they will both pitch 200 innings.The Ms will score alot of runs,they were 3rd in the AL last year and that will get them both some wins!

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    Glavine and Rogers

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    tom glavine (braves), kenny rogers (tigers)

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    glavine and santana

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