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How many mLs are needed in this reaction?

How many mLs of 0.145M KMnO4 solution are needed to react completely with 50.00mL of 0.1235M SnCl2 solution given the following chemical equation for the reaction?

16H^+ + 2MnO^4- + 5Sn^2+ ---> 5Sn^4+ + 2Mn^2+ + 8H2O

Please explain how you get the answer so I can understand how to work this...thank you in advance!

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    17.0 ml.

    first you find your moles of SnCl2: .00618

    then you do the 2 to 5 stoichiometric ratio of MnO4 to SnCl2: =.00247 moles Mno4

    then you plug those moles into your molarity:


    =.017034L = 17.0mL

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