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I live between 2 cities and 2 counties if i needed help which police dept. would respond to my call?

like i live in a small town called katy,texas which is like 5 miles away from houston, texas, and in the borderline of harris county and fort bend county...

katy texas is broken down between 2 parts north and south by IH-10 which according to my govt. class i learned why the KPD didnt have jurisdiction over the area i live in, and its because its not technically considered a part of katy

i dont know what the technical term of it is, of why the police dept. doesnt have jurisdiction over that area.

im so very confused about who would repond to my call if it was an emergency can someone prefessional explain it to me

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    What's the difference? Somebody will show up if you dial 911.

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    Simply, the County Sheriff's Office where you live. You are considered outside the city limits and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the city police. The County Sheriff's Deputies would be who answers calls at your house. (If you ever want to make sure that dialing 911 from your home will get you to them first, you can have them test it for you, but you have to call them on a regular land and ask them first.) Good Luck.

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    You are either in one county or another. As far as I am aware, in Texas there is no "no man's land" between counties. You have to be paying property taxes to some county and that is the county you are in. That county Sheriff's agency will most likely respond to any emergency calls.

    As for jurisdiction. Actual city limits and postal address are not the same things. I have seen people miles outside of some cities in rural Missouri and still have an address for that city.

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    City only takes care of city. Sheriff's Departments take care of county. What county do you pay property tax in? That is the county that would send you emergency response. I am sure if you had to call 911 that the folks on the other end know who to send.

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    generally the city police only take care of call within city limits, and the county will do the unincorperated sections, however if there was a real emergency and a city cop was by they woudl respond. just so you know police have jurisdiction over the entire state for which they are licensed.

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