What is the correct procedure when Sanding & Spray Painting a surface?

I have a number of spare Fibreglass Motercycle bodyparts. They come in a gel coated white. I would like to sand these parts down, spray them glossy white, with normal spray cans and then do whatever is necessary to protect the painted surface.

What is the correct procedure?

What type of sandpaper should be used and in what order?

What type of spray can's

How do I protect the finished painted surface?

Many thanks


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    g'day Noel

    first let me say it good to hear someone wanting to do the job right insted of just cheap!

    ok heres how it's done by the pros. takes time and effort but the finish is well worth it!

    1. sand down, use a 240 grit to smooth and scratch

    2. clean well! use water, white spirit, or m.e.k.

    3. tac-cloth wipe over gentley with a tac-cloth

    4. spray with a high build primer and leave overnight

    5. sand down with 440 grit sandpaper, or scotch pad.

    6, clean again!

    7.tac-cloth again!

    8. spray paint with the color wanted using smooth even strokes, following contures, and starting the spray before hitting the item.

    repeat 4 or 5 times for even finish

    9. leave to dry overnight

    ok heres where it is up to you, you can laquer or polish! eather way you now have a painted item with a orange peal effect! not good so lets sort that out.

    laquer: when dry you will need to sand with 1000 grit sandpaper then spray with a clear laquer and leave to set for 15-20 mins till tacky then repeat, normaily 4 or 5 times,

    polish: this one is harder to do but worth it. wait till paint is fully dry, and use wet n dry sandpaper, 1000grit

    wet the surface and gentley sand, never let the surface dry while sanding! careful not to remove the paint down to the primer! slow and easy!

    once done, wash down with water, then tac-cloth, then polish with t-cut, slow and easy. follow the bottle instrutions.

    then poilish with a high shine polish, and buff off. (it's worth while paying for the better quality on this bit!)

    repeat for at least 7-9 times and your done! showroom shine! that will last a long time!

    Source(s): i do this for a living!
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    I have used this paint for many applications including wood and plastic furniture, it is not only meant for use on plastics, it does do well with that where other spray paints do not stick, but with your wood I think that yes you could use this spray paint to paint over your dresser and I'm sure if you have experience with using spray paint properly that it will turn out fine. However if you want the best results going through the process of sanding, priming, and painting will give you a more professional looking finish. If you are planning on selling it and want to get the most money possible or you yourself are a stickler for detail this would be your best bet. Though, it sounds like you are just sick of looking at a plain white dresser and want to cordinate with some of your other furniture, if this is the case my judgement stands that the spray paint is a fine choice, but my final note is to take time to do it right by spray painting light coats and letting them dry several times for the best result. Investing in a good can of non-yellowing clear coat to protect your finish is my last 2 cents. Good luck.

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    I've done this before. If it's white it's simple. If your trying to match a color, it doesn't work as well. Wet sand it with 1000 grit, prime it with white primer, then spray paint it with gloss white, then spray some gloss laquer over that (optional) to protect it.

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