Are drugs Sinful? [read details]...?

O.K., i have always thought drugs as sinful. but....if the law allowed all illegal drugs to be legal (for recreational purposes included), and no one on earth told you not to use them, then would they be a sin [as long as you still found your happiness in God]? most americans have at least 1 caffeinated soda a day. caffeine is a drug is it not? no one feels guilty about caffeine, but why do some ppl feel guilty about other drugs? the holy spirit guides me away from other drugs, but i cant remember the same about caffeine.

i dont support the legalization of any abused drugs. just a note.

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    I think that drugs are not inherently sinful, but they addle the mind, lead one to think unclearly, and leave people wide open to the influence of the devil which causes them to sin in other ways. I believe that's why the Bible doesn't directly prohibit the consumption of alcohol (unless you're a king [Prov 31.4-5] or a Nazarite [Num. 6.3]), but does mention drunkenness (I don't remember the specific verses but I'm thinking Romans or Corinthians). Like with Noah, when he got drunk the sin was that his sons uncovered his nakedness, not that he was drunk. However, his being drunk was a clear gateway to sinful behavior.

    You can consume moderate amounts of alcohol without becoming drunk, and consume moderate amounts of caffeine without it affecting your thoughts and actions except to wake you up. This isn't so with most other drugs, however.

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    Your body is to be a temple unto God. If you defile or destroy the Temple of God are you not sinning? Many of the drugs people abuse today did not exist when the Bible was written...but the Bible does warn us not to abuse our bodies with alcohol or even with unhealthy foods. You and I know that caffeine is an addictive drug that can affect brain function, heart function, and has even been found to cause kidney and other problems. It ages the body, and has been implicated by some studies to be a carcinogenic compound (cancer causing). I believe it is safe to understand things which are bad for you when abused can be considered a sin since they destroy your body.

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    that's good coaching, brother, and that i wholeheartedly believe you. regrettably, some human beings will by no ability have the skill to tell apart fact from deception. we are powerless to alter with out Christ or to even comprehend good from incorrect in maximum issues. and yet many refuse to come back to the Lord, who's our purely shelter. our purely recourse, as believers, is prayer and witness.

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    there is no such thing as sin.

    Illegal drugs are just chemicals like many things we take

    Aspirin, Prozac, ibuprofen, codeine, nicotine

    I am completely for the decriminalization of all drugs.

    Source(s): and so is a lot of law enforcement
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    dude, u use caffeine to wake up, not to "fly"

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