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Poll: I just read in a news feature that "clueless guys can't read women," so...? question is...

Doesn't that make "clueless guys" the luckiest guys on Earth?


"Freaky One?!?" I "read" that about you, you evil delicious seductress, you...and there's a special place reserved in Heaven for you...wink...

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    I did not read that article because frankly I don't care if a man can read me, I worry about important stuff like, can he be done and off my mattress behind KFC within 12 minutes so the next clueless guy can come along, you feel me? Oh so yeah , umm I forgot to tell you one time I was walking and I saw a man that looked like Donald Trump and thought my land he looks like Donald Trump

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  • Pamela
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    4 years ago

    Good question. I used to pride myself on being very informed and in the current about every issue. I've found that I've backed off quite a bit more and feel a more happy person because of it. New York Times Week in Review tells me what I need to know. I take a daily glance at headlines, maybe skim the article but find that nothing really changes when you get down to it. Also, due to the area I live in at this time I am unable to watch television and the pricing is outrageous for cable. However, I have a feeling if I was able to watch it then I'd at least hear what the major stories are. Other than that, it's paper and online

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    Guys are totally clueless about women and what they really want.

    A guy thinks with the wrong head always. If he thought about how to make a woman happy, with the shoulder head, the other head would be taken care of without worry.

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    1 decade ago

    Hmmm. Usually when I make eye contact with a guy I am picturing him stripping my clothes off. If a guy looks at me I assume he's thinking the same thing. He best be thinking the same thing. I don't go to all these lengths just to waste my time on innocent smiles that mean nothing.

    I'm under the assumption that every single human in this world is thinking the same way. And I refuse to believe less than that.

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  • Anonymous
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    ^ I do look like Donald Trump. Huh.

    So I read the story and it absolutely amazes me. Do you think there really are women who send out sexual signals? I mean, I am 42 and it has never happened to me. I guess it is possible that I am repulsive. OK, perhaps probable. But still.

    Unless I am clueless, in which case I have just one thing to say. WTF have I been doing all these years???

  • Tigger
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    1 decade ago

    What it all boils down to is guys think with the wrong head.

    Yeah, I went to the link and it is pretty obvious. A friend of mine keeps telling me that, too. I guess he's smarter than I thought.

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    I guess they are lucky, on the outside.

    Inside, I think they are emotionally empty morons, who only know how to fix engines. They are also bad in bed because they try too hard, and expect too much.

    OOPS! Do I sound bitter?

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    Analyzying posed-for-pictures is nothing like real life, that article is stupid. We are always coming on to you, all the time, but not because we're interested. Just because we want you to think we are and get you all hot 'n' bothered. We just want to toy with you to gauge our attractiveness and boost our ego. And to get you to buy us jewelry.

    You wanna get lucky? Furs and cars, too.

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    1 decade ago

    Not sure I get it. It's important to be able to read women if you want to get what you want from them and we all know what that is.

    Oh, okay, I read your link. Now I get it. Interestingly, I know this one quite attractive woman who said herself that it's weird, she unintentionally sends out signals when she's talking to guys and they pick up on it, and she's like all "ooops . . ." So maybe the guys aren't so clueless after all.

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    I'd have to say many men can't read women well,there are times when we give out mixed messages though.

    even when we don't it's going to happen,being a buddy has it's drawbacks.

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