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End of Council of Trent?

1563. End of Council of Trent; end of Reformation

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    The Council of Trent ended after the dessert was served and a terrific food fight erupted. The Jesuits had all drank too much beer during dinner and started getting rowdy with each other by, at first, blowing beer foam off their beer mugs and into each others faces. This escalated to a more serious food fight when the Jesuit Brothers started filling their cheeks with whipped cream then slapping themsleves on both cheeks so that the whip cream sprayed out like a geyser onto the person sitting next to them ... but then when the chocolate pudding was served, they started using their spoons to make miniature "pudding catapults". Although only their Jesuit Brethern were their original targets for the pudding catapults, the pudding spattered all over the expensive gowns of the two fine babes Martin Luther had brought along and, since they were pretty loopy themselves, both of those saucy wenches each grabbed handfuls of German chocolate cake and let fly. Then the Duke of Westphalia jumped up on the table and started spraying all the Prostestants with mouthfuls of red wine and soccer- kicking scoops of ice cream at the Jesuits, who mostly then all at once started grabbing cookies and skimming them at each other like frisbees. Then Martin Luther hauled off and hit the Duchess of Westphalia the face with a banana cream pie, at which point she ended the food fight by making everybody go home which is referred to as "the Peace of Westphalia." in 1648. That also ended the Reformation because eveybody figured that if all those important people were going to act like rowdy teenagers at the Council of Trent, everybody might as well just give up trying to Reform everybody to having proper table manners.

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    The last period of the Council was the most important. And did end in 1563. By this time, the Jesuits had become a strong force and all hope of conciliating the Protestants was gone.

    The Protestant Reformation was a movement in Europe that began with Martin Luther's activities in 1517, with roots further back in time. It ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648

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