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When are you getting your economic stimulus checks?

The exact date you receive a stimulus check will depend largely on the last two digits of your Social Security number.

More than 130 million stimulus payments will be sent out starting May 2, on a staggered schedule based on the last two digits of taxpayers' Social Security numbers, the Internal Revenue Service announced this week. On jointly filed returns, the mailing schedule will be based on the first Social Security number listed, the IRS said.

If the last two digits of your Social Security number are: (see chart) Your payment should be sent to your account by:

Direct payment:

00-20 - May 2

21-75 - May 9

76-99 - May 16

Paper check

See link


Glass eye: Clean your eyes..Last TWO not FOUR

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    Sounds like June for me, I didn't do direct deposit, bummer, mine would have been May 2.

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    I think it goes by the last four of you Social security number.

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    I'm stimulating the economy on May 2nd. My bills are paid in advance!

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