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If you were to form a band what kind of music would you play?

I'm looking to start a gothic/symphonic metal band with my friend. I play guitar and she's an excellent vocalist and plays the piano just as well. I'm not sure how to ask her without her thinking I'm weird. She listens to Evanescence, Flyleaf, Nightwish and other stuff like that


I also would form a Viking/Folk Metal band

Update 2:

Hah Scream Brutal Death metal.. you must think I'm soft then lol

Update 3:

Thanks Ana

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    I've formed a fictional band for the novel I'm writing. They play a whole mix of : ~

    Classic Rock







    New Age

    Because they're a covers band, they mix some of these genres to make their covers a bit more interesting. They are also a Céilidh band, so they play traditional Celtic music :)

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    I did form a band 23 Years ago, We played Metal and Prog. I was the Keyboardist. It was lots of fun while it lasted.

    If I was gonna form another band now it would be along exactly the same lines. Metal and Prog. Twin Guitar, Uber-Loud Drummer, Lots of Keys...I think I'd try to find a more powerful Vocalist this time though. I sing like a

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    I would make my band play a combination of Melodic Death Metal and Power Metal. I would be the lead singer who would alternate from screaming to singing.

    Well, if you two both have some musical talent, then I am sure that you can find a way to work things out. Just ask her if she would be interested in forming a real band. It shouldn't be that hard, trust me.

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    I have started bands, but what was right for me isn't necessarily right for you. In our case, we played all original punk pop, because, well, we all liked it and found we had a knack for writing it. The important thing there was that in every case, we were committed to playing original material.

    I think you answered your own question - if goth-symphonic-metal is what you play best, then that's the way to go. Always be open to listening to the ideas of the other members of the band, though. There may be some middle ground that will open up room for all of you to grow musically. Never be afraid to try new things. Hope this helps, and

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): 25+ years as a guitarist
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    That's amazing Rocco! I love gothic/symphonic metal, if I had any musical talent I would start a gothic or symphonic metal band with lots of operatic vocals, violins and piano.

    Anyway good luck with you're plans, I'll support ya

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    Well, I was in a Gothic Rock/Post-Punk (and, sometimes, Darwave/Death Rock/Gothabilly) band called David Batcave & Undeads From Venus (A David Bowie & Batcave tribute).

    Also used to be in a Gothic Metal/Black Metal band called C-Edge before the Gothic Rock one, but I kinda hated it... mallgoth-like fans...

    Source(s): Lead vocalist.
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    Probably thrash metal. Me and my friend play guitar, and I know this one kid who I though was weird until I recently found out he liked technical death metal. He plays drums. Now we just need a vocalist and a bassist...

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    I'd play something close to(Probably impossible) to At The Gates, "Slaughter Of The Soul."

    Or something around Melo-Death/Folk Metal.

    Source(s): Yeah, that genre is amazing.
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    Id form a rock/pop band with Odd Delarobie..........(Code Lyoko) Band: The non-studiers

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    any of these or a combination of these:]



    -80's rock

    -classic rock



    i would ask her to form a band, even if you don't have the same musical influences. it doesn't mean the band is gonna stay together forever, look at slash, he was in several bands before being in guns 'n roses. and now several more after guns 'n roses. i'd jump at the opportunity before its too late and someone else takes her in to start a band. what is there to loose anyways?

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