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Curious about WiFi - Wireless Internet Access?

I am getting ready to buy a laptop and I am planning on buying one that is wireless capable. I will need it during business trips. But, I don't understand the difference between the wireless cards, ethernet cards... Are their different, better quality numbers I should look for? Maybe that will connect better and more securely? Also, if I am at a resort and I am online via wireless access, can anyone tap into my computer?

Thanks for your help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Laptops come with internal wireless and ethernet card. Wireless as the name stands doesn't need any cable for wireless internet connection however ethernet is hardwire cable connection hence you need to have a cable plugged into your laptop if you are using ethernet connection.

    Wireless can support max upto 56Mbps as far as data transfer speed is concerned however ethernet supports 100Mbps. In my opinion 56Mbps is decent enough for wireless browsing.

    Major manufacturer of built in wireless card for laptops are Intel,Atheros and Broadcom.

    As far as ethernet is cocerned it might be realtek,n-vidia etc.

    Inbuilt wireless card would work as long as you are with the wireless network range however wireless card is something like a credit card device that plugs in to your laptop and give you wireless access no matter where you go; something like a cell phone phone and this type of card is mostly provided by the AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. Please check with the local store.

    Wireless access point or in other words hot spots like one in airport,library or restaurant are not that secure. you need to be careful while hooking your comp to these networks as you never know what type of security is enabled or disabled in these network as you don't own them or have any control over them.

    I hope i have not confused you. If you have any questions please get back to me.

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    4 years ago

    They can use your internet connection to do illegal things, which would make it appear as if you had done it. They can also pick up any information you send over the wireless network. This includes passwords and any other sensitive data. This is usually the main security risk that cause people to say that using no password on a wireless network is unsafe.

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