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Do Hollister's larges run small compared to other places?

So, I've lost a lot of weight (30 pounds so far! even though I've got like 30 more to go) and now I fit a size L 13/14 at most places, like old navy, american eagle etc. But I was looking at Hollister's size chart and it looks like a large is equal to a size 11/12 there, but in most other places a large is a 12 to 14. My measurements are 39, 29, 42 (bust/waist/hip) so it looks like they would be too small, but a lot of the time the size charts aren't very accurate, so if you wear a size Large at Hollister what do you think?

Also, I'm not going to go into the store and try it on, because it's really demoralizing when clothes don't fit. Anybody who's ever been fat knows what I mean, going into a store where nothing fits is a horrible experience. Anyway I used to be a size 1X/18 and now that I've gone down a few sizes I just want to wear the clothing brand my friends wear, so do you think a Large at hollister would fit me or should I wait till I lose another 10 pounds?

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    congratulations on the weight loss. loosing weight is hard. i'm sure it's hard looking at sizes, but the sizes on clothes are just numbers. most models and celebrities make the "perfect" body image as size 0/1 and tall. just ignore the size no matter what store.

    but to answer your real question i think hollister's clothes runs small, just like abercrombie and other stores similar to that.

    even though hollister's clothes are smaller ignore the number right now and just keep on working hard. you will reach your goal and even if you don't loose a lot of weight in the mean time the size doesn't matter.

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    Yeah Hollister's stuff does run small. I usually have to go a size up when I shop there. If you want to shop at a place like it though you could go to American Eagle or Aeropostale. Their clothes are more true to size.

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    Hollister runs really small.

    I usually wear a 0 or 1 but at hollister im lucky if i fit a 3.

    So just to be sure wait a little bit longer.

    Great job on losing that weight!

    Keep going you are doing great!

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    Yeah, they definitely run alot smaller than other brands. I would wait until you only have 5 more pounds to go, and would make sure that you had the motivation to lose the next 5. That's when you should buy the clothes you want.

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    ok well u might be able to fit in a large but it would be really tight so i would probly wait. but hollister also has a xl but they only have it in hoodies so i bet u could wear that until u can wear the large. :) congrats on ur weight loss

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    Maybe just a little, i would try extra large, or large, it might fit, but i wouldn't buy to many things, because if you have 30 more ponds to go, then you'll have to go shopping again and be spending a lot of money, unless your rich of course

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    ALL of hollisters clothes run small compared to other of the reasons i dont shop there.

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    Hollister does run a bit smaller.

    And CONGRATULATIONS!!! i'm so happy for you.

    ps.... you can get a lot more for your money at old navy anyway - who needs hollister?!

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    Congrats on loosing that much! Hollister runs extremely small. Don't worry though, soon enough you will able to fit into their stuff.

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    yes hollisters sizes are tiny no matter what. i would wait and save yourself from being depressed by it.

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