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Arabian nights theme party?

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i need to know what types of decorations i should have,what should be in the gift bags,what should i wear,and what kind of food should i have any help is appreciated please and thank ...show more
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1) Bright colors in the following shades: purple, orange, fuschia, and gold... tons of gold decorations.
2) Large floor pillows, draping curtains, home-made mesquito nets hanging from the ceiling in orange, pink, and purple
3) you should wear a belly dancing outfit if you are comfortable with that, they can be purchased on eBay for a great price, or you could wear a simple tube-top dress that is knee length with a gold chain belt or a gold belly-dancer style belt, or a gold and bright colored scarf wrapped around the waist, a girl at my school wore a black simple tube-top dress which could be found anywhere, and she wore a bright pink scarf that wrapped around her hips, it looked so fashionable and cute.
4) gift bags: gift certificate for a free belly-dancing lesson, a sequin scarf, dried fruit, elaborate faux jewled rings, arabian head bands, gold bangle bracelets, anything gold really, and it can be fake gold
5) look up on-line for easy arabian recipes... make sure things are vibrant in color

Good Luck, this is a great theme!

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wow i love the details
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  • Stardancer answered 7 years ago
    Pillows for sitting on. Drape fabric everywhere for that tent type feel. Candles would be nice touch surronded by sand to represent the desert.

    Look online for recipes. Belly dancing costume of course or something along that line.

    Gift bags. Make them or by the ones made of material not paper. Then include maybe some of those gold coin chocolates. Maybe have some type of treasure hunt for, like, aladdins lamp, and then have a prize for the winner and include the first clue in the gift bag.
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  • Allison D answered 7 years ago
    Lots of color, fringe, draping fabric, gold or copper, incense, and large pillows. Drape a scarf around your neck, and use it to make an "x" at your collar bone, then tie it behind your back to make a bra top. Wear this with a broom-stick skirt and coin-belt for your belly-dancer look. Serve hummus/baba ganoush with flat bread crackers or pita chips, stuffed grape leaves (available in a can if you don't feel comfortable making it), an olive tray, stuffed dates, tabbouli, and shish-kabob. Make Earl Grey tea with a teaspoon or two of rose water per serving. Fruit salad with chopped fresh mint leaves and orange blossom water syrup is incredible. Gift bags could have incense, a silk scarf, and a small piece of baklava, or some dates, pistachios, and Turkish Delight (soft candy). Anything with pomegranate or honey would be appropriate as well.
    Check YouTube for some interesting videos. "Habibi" means something like "My Darling" in Arabic, so you will find lots of great music if you search that word. This will also give you some hints for your outfit and decorating themes.

    Look on Epicurious.com for more recipes. I recently made Pomegranate Khoresh from their website, and it was lovely.

    Good luck.


    I just did ALL of this for a party last week!
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  • C1M answered 7 years ago
    The color scheme should probably purples, golds, maybe reds. If you really want to go with the theme, you can get a costume to wear. Otherwise, you can just follow the color scheme with your outfit and wear some bangles. I'm not sure what to do about the food or gift bags.
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  • arabian nights theme party?
    i need to know what types of decorations i should have,what should be in the gift bags,what should i wear,and what kind of food should i have any help is appreciated please and thank you
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