stew meat and the crock pot- NO BEEF STEW RECIPES!!!?

I have 2lbs of beautiful stew meat that I would like to slow cook in the crock pot, but I don't have any recipes other than those for beef stew, which I am completely tired of! Any recipes would be greatly appreciated!


a beef tips and gravy recipe would be good.

OR I heard of a chuck wagon recipe, but cannot find it that calls for stew meat, sausage and baked beans. If you have it I would really love to get it!

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    4 years ago

    Beef Stew Meat Recipes

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipes Cookbook -
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    Source(s): Paleo Recepies eBook
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    4 years ago

    Stew Meat

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    I love to make shredded beef for tacos with stew meat, it turns out great.

    Combine your meat with:

    1 can diced tomatoes (do not drain)

    1 can diced roasted chili's (such as Ortega's)

    1 yellow onion chopped

    2 cloves of garlic

    1 jalapeno minced

    1 teaspoon of cumin

    1 tablespoon of chili powder

    salt & pepper

    Place in crock-pot cook on low for 6-8 hours. Use a fork to break the meat up some. Serve with warm tortilla's, lettuce, cilantro, cheese, salsa, sourcream,and guacamole.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    CROCK POT BEEF STEW 2 lbs. stew meat in 1" cubes 1/4 c. flour 1 tsp. salt 1 1/2 c. beef broth 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 clove garlic or chopped onion 1 bay leaf 1 tsp. paprika 4 sliced carrots 3 diced potatoes 1 stalk celery, diced Put meat in crock pot. Mix flour, salt and pepper and add to meat and stir to coat meat. Add remaining ingredients and stir to mix. Cover and cook on Low for 10 to 12 hours or on High for 4 to 6 hours. Stir well before serving.

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    For an asian night, I put my stew meat, one sliced onion and bell pepper (or two, just your preference). Throw in 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1 tsp ginger, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp veggie oil, 1 tbsp crushed garlic, a few dashes worcheshire (sorry spelling). When you get home, mix in a bit of cornstarch to thicken it. Serve with some fried rice.

  • 1 decade ago

    You could also use the meat to make a stroganoff(sp) like dish.

    Quick and easy way, slow cook the meat [add water and spices and then when you come home, add a can of cream mushroom soup and can of cream chicken or other and add noodles, let cook a little longer and done.

    You could also find a REAL stroganoff receipe.

    good luck!

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