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private investigator in california?

i am taking a class to become a private investigator. i am 2/3 done with my class. does anyone know how, when, or where i take my state test to get my license.

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    Licensing Division, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

    400 R Street

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    (800) 952-5210

    Most states require - if you are not an attorney or law enforcement - that one interns at a licensed company as an investigator for a pre-determined time ( here 2 years of Full time work). Then you may apply to the state licensing board to obtain your own license. A course is a plus it may help you secure an internship. That in combination with on the job work. You will have no trouble passing a test.

    Private Investigator

    At least three years (2,000 hours each year) of compensated experience totaling not less than 6,000 hours in investigative work, including persons employed in the following capacities:

    1. Sworn law enforcement officers possessing powers to arrest and employed by agencies in the federal, state, or local government agencies.

    2. Military police of the United States armed forces or the National Guard.

    3. An insurance adjuster or their employees subject to Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 14000) of Division 5 of the Insurance Code.

    4. Persons employed by a private investigator who is duly licensed in accordance with their chapter.

    5. Persons employed by collection agencies, and persons employed by repossessors duly licensed in accordance with Chapter 11 (commencing with Section 7500), only to the extent that those persons are routinely and regularly engaged in the location of debtors or the location of personal property utilizing methods commonly known as “skip tracing.” Only that experience acquired while performing skip tracing duties shall be credited toward qualification to take the examination.

    6. Persons duly trained and certified as arson investigators and employed by a public agency engaged in fire suppression.

    7. Persons possessing an associate of arts degree in police science, criminal law or justice from an accredited college shall be credited with 1,000 hours of experience in investigative work.

    8. Persons possessing a law degree or proof of a four-year course in police science, criminal justice, or criminal law shall be required to have at least two years (4,000 hours) of experience in investigation work.

    The following activities will not be accepted as qualifying experience:

    1. Experience gained as an independent contractor.

    2. The serving of legal process or other documents.

    3. Activities relating to the search for heirs or similar searches which involve only a search of public records or other reference sources in the public domain.


    4. The transportation or custodial attendance of persons in the physical custody of a law enforcement agency.

    5. The provision of bailiff or other security services to a court of law.

    6. The collection or attempted collection of debts by telephone or written solicitation after the debtor has been located.

    7. The repossession or attempted repossession of personal property after that property has been located and identified.

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    It depends on where you want to work. States have different requirements. There are different types of private investigators. Some are general investigators. If you want to know how to become a private investigator, consider what type of investigations you might want to conduct. Corporate investigators typically need a 4 year degree. Coursework in finance, accounting, and business is often preferred. Because many financial investigators have an accountant’s background, they typically have a 4 year degree in accounting or a related field. Many computer forensics investigators need a 4 year degree in a field such as computer science or criminal justice. Many colleges and universities now offer certificate programs and degrees in computer forensics. Because computer forensics specialists need both computer skills and investigative skills, extensive training may be required if you want to become a private investigator of this type. Many computer forensic investigators learn their trade while working for a law enforcement agency, where they are taught how to gather evidence and to spot computer-related crimes. Many people enter law enforcement to get this training and to establish a reputation before moving on to the private sector. If you become a law enforcement officer, you will already understand how to become a private investigator. Because they work with changing technologies, computer forensic investigators never stop training. They must learn the latest methods of fraud detection and new software programs and operating systems by attending conferences and courses offered by software vendors and professional associations. The general requirements for a Private Investigator in CA are:

    *Be at least 18 years old.

    *Three years of compensated experience totaling not less than 6,000 hours in investigative work while employed by law enforcement agencies, collection agencies, insurance agencies, banks, courts, and other private investigation agencies, etc.

    *A college degree in criminal law, criminal justice or police science can be substituted for part of the experience.

    *Pass a written exam.

    *Undergo a criminal history review.

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    check in your state where you can take a test for that or ask the police department if they can help you find something.

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