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Why Isn't Cotto Ranked Higher In P4P Ranking?

Why is it that Cotto is ranked 6th in the P4P rankings he should be second behind Floyd Mayweather.

I don't agree with Pacquiao being at #2 because he is not deserving as Cotto who has defeated great boxers and moved up in weight and is still dominating while Pacquiao is a one dimensional slugger.

Do you agree that Cotto should be ranked higher and Pacquiao lower?

You could check out the rankings on ESPN.com in boxing section.

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    I agree that manny pac has no buisness being ranked as high as #2 p4p. Not sure if cotto should should be ranked #2 but probably should be ranked higher than manny just because hes more of a complete fighter he is more skilled and talented than manny is. Manny is great to watch fight but his fights are mostly won off of his power/speed and aggressiveness not boxing skills. Also his wins over mexican legends i cant give him as much credit/respect as he recieves . Styles make fights and that may have played a big part in his wins over barrera and morales but what also played a big part was by the time manny fought them they were borderline washed up just didnt know it yet till they stepped in the ring. They had both been in too many wars in the ring and it took its toll on them. Where in Marquez's case he was still fresh and on top of his game thats why manny barely won and got only a controversial split over marquez. Same with cotto he didnt fight a washed up slow mosely he fought a strong /fast focused mosely and barely won and thats why there should be a rematch for both of those fights cotto vs mosely 2 and paquiao vs marquez 3. Also for what its worth cotto has never lost a fight where manny has lost a few fights. Thats gotta count for something not like cotto has been avoiding anyone either.

  • Woody
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    Should Cotto be ranked higher than sixth on the list? Perhaps he should and a argument can be made for it. Should Cotto be ranked higher than Pacquiao? That's a big maybe.... or maybe not. If the two of them were naturally of equal weight, I think Cotto would beat Pacquiao, but the pound-for-pound ranking doesn't seem to go by argument. The rankings are pretty much done by record and what the fighter(s) have done recently. Because of that, Pacquiao rank is higher than most, including Cotto, due to his wins over Barrera, Moralez and now Marquez, some of Mexico's best fighters today. When ESPN and others are ranking Cotto, the only megastar names they see on his resume are Mosley and Judah.

    Is the way the rankings are done fair? Probably not, to some.... but that's how it is.

  • Anonymous
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    Dude, I agree with him being higher, but not as high as pacquiao or mayweather... Pacquiao is the most exciting boxer in the boxing industry right now... plus, he is winning so many matches against legends... he also took out all the mexicans.... though cotto is good, he is not the best yet because he doesnt have that big pay day money, plus not many people knows him... a boxer usually goes up through being noticed in his fights.... many people still don't know who he is....... he is a great fighter though... but cmon, if he beats mayweather, he is #1 right away... just like how mayweather was #1 for beating oscar and a small aS$$$SSSS hatton..

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    Woody got it right. People are trying to make Cotto the best, even by throwing his record out there. Only good guy's he fought and beat, are Mosley and Judah. The other guy's was nobody guy's and had a good record for fighting nobody guys. Mayweather haters say, Mayweather haven't fought anybody. If Mayweather lose to Cotto, he's still going to be the best in our time. Tyson, Ali, Forman and the rest of the guy's made hall of fame. Its not because they didn't have a lose but the mark they made in history. Its going with out a lose for a long period of time. Clottey looks good even though he lost to Margarito because he injured both hands and it was still close. The reason why people want Cotto up there because the way he beat guy's.

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    i dont agree with you i think mayweather,manny,hopkins,calzaghe,marquez,vazquez and maybe hatton are all better than cotto zab judah and shane mosely werent at there peak when cotto beat them and i dont really rate mallanagi but cotto is good

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    Anytime you KO Barrera, Morales, and have a win over Marquez then you should be at least at number 2.

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    simple, other fighters above him are better than him and have accomplished a lot of what cotto have accomplished

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my top 3 would be pbf,pac,hop

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