Average hourly pay for online tutoring?

I am interested in doing this, anyone know anything about it? What are the best companies to work for?

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    Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive features of OFOT is the cost. An online tutor

    based in India may charge the client as little as $15/hour, typically half as much as is

    charged by a U.S.-based online tutor and less than a third of the average hourly rate for

    face-to-face tutoring. Several OFOT companies offer unlimited online tutoring for a flat

    fee of $100/month. OFOT are paid an average of $8-$10 an hour, or anywhere from

    $280-$450 a month. While far more affordable for employers than hiring U.S.-based

    tutors, this comparatively high pay rate by Indian standards makes online tutoring an

    attractive job opportunity for recent graduates in India; many OFOT are in their 20s or

    30s (Prystay, 2005), and a single ad for a tutoring position might result in 200 or more

    qualified applicants (Honawar, 2005).

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    Paid Online Tutoring

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    average hourly pay online tutoring

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