How many musical artists are you on a "first name" basis with?

I'm not talking about musicians who go by one name anyway, such as Madonna, Bono, or Cher. I'm talking about those musicians who are such a part of the music scene, that when one mentions them by first name only, it is instantly clear to most who is being referenced.

"Liz", "Mick", and "Lemmy" came to mind immediately.

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  • Rckets
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    1 decade ago
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    Trent - NIN

    Simon - Duran Duran

    Chino - Deftones

    Maynard - Tool

    Davey - AFI

    Gerard - MCR - vomit now, but it come to this.

    Perry - Jane's Addiction

  • 4 years ago

    A fair amount but not exclusively. As examples (but not an exclusive list!), I know Punch really likes Elvis Costello, but captain futility does not (on the other hand, the captain and I have a lot of folk bands in common). I know Shades of Grey and I are both huge Warren Zevon fans, but I don't know how many other folks are. 1965 and I may well be the same person, musically! On the other hand, there are folks with whom I have less in common, like RJ (who's the only person I've ever seen also mention Foxy Shazam, however) and killer peaches, whose musical interests are very, very different than mine. For all these people (and the others on my contact list), though, the quality of their replies is what made me friends with them, not their musical interests. I hope my contacts think the same of me!

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    Much as I personally can't stand her, "Tori" seems to qualify.

    And I'd say that many people get first-name status when paired with others - "Mick" counts by himself, but Keith Richards only gets in on a "Mick and Keith". Same probably with the Beatles (should have had weirder names, boys) except Ringo, who's almost a one-namer anyway.

    Interesting that "Michael" doesn't work in the music world ("Jacko" seems to be the epithet of choice for tabloids) but it does in sports.

    But then, you've got a frequency problem here - there aren't that many non-Motorhead Lemmys to get "Lemmy" confused with.

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  • uh... How about Carlos(Santana), Axl(Rose), Eddy(Van Halen), Ozzy(Osbourne), Kurt(Cobaine), Jimi(Hendrix), Freddy(Mercury), and Elton(John). Also, Paul, George, Ringo, and John (The Beatles).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Any one of the members of the Dead and Phish

    Allison (Krauss), Bob (Dylan and Marley),

    Bela (Fleck), Derek and Susan (Trucks and Tedeschi), and probably a few others that escape me right now.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ani as in Ani DiFranco

    but the winner by far is OZZY

  • BT
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    1 decade ago

    Eddie and Alex


    Gene and Paul - KISS

    Paul and John - Beatles


  • 1 decade ago

    Dave (Mustaine)

    Kurt (Cobain)

    Lemmy (Kilmister)

    Layne (Staley)

    Maynard (James Keenan)

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