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How can i forget about Jo?

i met JO on msn i knew her for two years.She was my best friend i trusted her.She was amazing she made me smile.She had an great personality.But the thing is ir really got to me when the truth came out.Jo told me she was a guy,she use to hide her face on webcam.I know its probably my fault for trusting a stranger on the net but i dont know...i just felt connected with Jo.Jo said they are an actor and they play guitar and they live in this big house and that they have there own jaguar and that they loved me.After two years one time after school i logged online and Jo's friend ONLY friend i understand why added me.He said he knicked my email address from Jo.When we started talking about Jo it was like we were talking about a completely different person.Then i found out Jo was a girl playing me for a fool and all the things she said she was she wasent and all the things she said about her life wasent true and the lovelyness she showed was totally fake.she is now planning to kill me

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    What do you mean she is planning to kill you? Have you shown any statements to the police about this and does she know where you live?

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    Its just stupid childess behaviour, just goes to show that they have no life and have nothing else to do but be arseholes on net. This happens a lot and unfortunately people do get hurt and made fools of. Just put in down to a bad experience and learn from it. Just delete this person and totally ignore them, they will give up and start on someone else. Dont talk to anyone that wont show you their webcam or talk on mic lot of idiots do get on line so be careful. Good luck

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    People can be misleading and they can do all sorts of things.

    You yourself have to trust yourself and be on the guard when talking to strangers on the net.

    I'm sure you have alot to offer in a relationship. So try to move on...You'll find the right one as time comes.

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    planning to kill you? sounds like you better get the police involved.. this is really creepy.. but if i were you, i'd get a new e-mail address and start over.. forget about jo.. she (or was it a he) is not worth your time and care.. you know you deserve better..

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    that is very sad ,move on ,time heals,people play terrible games you'll only become a victim if you don't get away from them or whoever they really are

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