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Do i have a bright chance of conceiving as i had a missed abortion?

I had a missed abortion this month i was 2monsth pregnant but embryo was just 5 weeks and a D and E was done last week

Doc said after a D an E chances are bright that you will conceieve

how true is this

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    hi, i have had a few of them exactly the same but 1 got to week 13. I think the docs should check your hormones, that is a big reason why it happens, if your hormones are too low it can cause this, it is a reason the pregnancy doesn't progress. I am now trying a hormone spray to see if it works, it got me the last one to 13 weeks(a lot further than the others) but then stopped. when it is your first they don't look into it too much.

    Good luck It will happen!

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    a friends sister concieved like 2 weeks later unfortunately she was told she should wait as she ended up miscarrying 9 weeks into 2nd pregnancy. i think they prefer women to wait. sorry about your loss and goodluck

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