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Do you think in real life Jesus was more like that friend everyone has,who thinks they know everything?

You know that friend who will jump into every conversation,as if he's the resident expert on every subject.

Perhaps hanging him on the Cross was just a desparate act,to get him to "Just Shut Up Already"

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    If you watch the history channel they have a series called banned from the bible, where they review written works not put in the bible, but were still found to be authentic and it actually says in one that he was a malevolent child and mischevious, not bad, and then grew into being the Jesus that is well known into adult hood. I believe they also said that there were stories of Jesus's childhood in the Quran

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    Jesus knew that he was the literal son of God . And then as he became a man he knew that he would have to become hated and crucified . So , any thoughts he might have had that he was a know it all were tempered down with the harsh reality that he would die at a young age . Everyone is not only God's kid , but they do have His powers too . And , unless that realization is tempered down with the same humility Jesus had , it can become too tempting not to abuse ones powers . Which is the case with most human beings . So , resolve that you are going to be hated and crucified soon , if not spontaneously combust because you are not ready to handle God's unveiling here in Independence , Mo. next year .

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    i do believe that prolly no, on those times ppl's mentality are not like now, that eveyone wants to be on the top of others,and that the place he's in is, as we all know, a place where all of teh miracles of the bible had happened.. so maybe if conversation abt God is opened, it's not nothing at all for them, i believe it's the highness of faith they have that drove them to hang him on the cross, because they prolly felt that Jesus is playing God and he's insulting their God, which is not true.. and speaking of human's mentality, there might be pride that counted in since those ppl who preach those times said that the messiah hasnt come yet but then Jesus showed up, so they did their move to protect their dignity and to win ppl's beliefs..

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    I think the character of Jesus was used by the gospel writers to illustrate the "representative man". How to seek the "good life" as they saw it. I don't believe that he really existed. The character might be an amalgam of several real people.

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    Cute. Even if that were true, he would still own a large piece of us... look at the energy and time that has been dedicated to him over the years. I think he decided to come to us, like many others after him, to help us to remember what we are capable of.

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    No, I don't think he came across that way. He was probably a very compassionate listener. But, in fact, He was God, so therefore he did know everything. That is precisely why they did hang him on a cross.........for claiming to be God.

  • Friend,

    I do not think Jesus at point of time said that HE KNEW EVERYTHING.

    He always said that He is the Son of The Father ad quoted His Fathers words and preached good things.

    The prophets and others who came after His Crucifixion,after long time might have told (??) like that probably.

    But in reality, Jesus KNEW EVERYTHING.

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    Not at all.

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    The Prophet said, "Jesus, seeing a man stealing, asked him, 'Did you steal?, He said, 'No, by Allah, except Whom there is None who has the right to be worshipped' Jesus said, 'I believe in Allah and suspect my eyes."

    Hadith Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 653:

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    I'd say he's like that friend that smokes way too much pot, but you still buy some from him every now and then.

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    no because he only talked if people wanted to hear. he wouldnt bother talking if noone was going to listen. and its not like he had no friends, he had hundreds of followers, it was only the Jewish leaders and roman authorities that wanted him dead, and a few other people. but most people loved him!

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