Is This Fair? (Asking Seniors Opinions)?

Heather Mills gets $50 million in McCartney divorce. Fair?


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    People Magazine has estimated McCartney's worth at more than $1.6 billion. There are reports that he offered Mills a quick divorce settlement of $60 million in September, but that she rejected it.

    He has said he did not ask Mills to sign a prenuptial agreement because he thought it would be "unromantic." Unromantic? how unromantic is it now, Paul oh boy?

    Sounds like she should have taken his first offer. I know they share a child. That child won't want for anything, you know that. I find it so foolish when these older men marry younger women, and then something like this happens. To me, he was an idiot from the start. There are a lot of gold diggers out there, female AND male. Without a prenup, I think is was a fool. My first thought would be that a person is marrying me for my money, especially when you have that much money. I think Heather Mills sounds goofy in interviews. After she poured water on McCartney's lawyer in the courtroom, that shows she's a nut case. 50 million is fair, and peanuts to McCartney. I hope he learned a hard lesson, and stays away from marriage now. Linda was the love of his life. Love like that rarely comes around again, after yeawrs of marriage and not with as much passion as Paul and Linda shared. JMO

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    not sure what you mean "fair". Fair depends on what her husband's income was, I mean he's a wealthy guy, probably wouldn't miss $50M but usually in a divorce the money goes for the child. A woman gets alimony only if she had no income or job of her own and Heather does have a career of her own. But probably their tax system would take half of that, and I don't know if $25M would keep that child in the style she is accustomed to (probably had a huge house, nanny, clothes, toys, education, transportation) and I'm sure McCartney would wish his child to keep living in luxury. I'm not sure if the courts would allow Heather to revisit the court if her child needed more or not. I would think yes. I know Heather asked for more money, and got less. She wanted more security for her and her daughter.

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    I think the judge was very fair and had his head screwed on tight, not so Paul. It amazes me that an old fool would think that someone would want to marry him for just being Paul and that he still thinks that's all it's really about. Why can't they ever realize that if they remove the money that they are not that appealing? I guess that it was worth 50 million to spend a few years with a young body.

    Guess too that the other guy in the news had the right idea..4,500 dollars/per and no comebacks.

  • Becks
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    1 decade ago

    No this isn't at all fair. We've seen some video footage of her around the start of their relationship where she said she had been accused of being "gold digger" which she stated was definately not the case.......then 4 years down the line she initially requested £125 million! She had some very less than complimentary remarks made about her by the judge at their divorce hearing.

    We hope, in years to come, when their daughter is a lot older that the allegations she's made about Sir Paul do not come back to haunt Heather Mills.

    Unfortunately he didn't have a pre-nup which his daughter's advised him to do...

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    The woman is a despicable gold-digging sociopath, which is clear from how she spouts off her mouth.

    My question is, just how much money could she possibly spend in her lifetime? At least Sir Paul gives generously to the causes he believes in, and has other kids who will inherit. You can bet your last penny that she won't do that!

    We haven't heard the whole story about the details of child support, either. I think the b***h should be happy with that, with maybe 1/2 of his earnings during their marriage, which certainly wasn't 100 million.. After all, what he had prior to their marriage is his separate property and she should have no right to it. How much of the money Mills got was earned by Linda?

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    Well, they say that all is fair in love and war. Neil Diamond's wife received 150 million when they divorced after 20+ years of marriage.

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    I'm not a senior citizen. Far from it, but I think it's fair. He knew what he was getting into.

    If a celebrity doesn't realise that their marriage has a very high chance of divorce, and that the spouse just might be marrying for the money, then they are very dillusional.

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    Those people are so far out of my financial league that I really don't know what's fair. If DH and I got a divorce, I'd just let him have that $50 we've got taped to the bottom of the sugar bowl.

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    1 decade ago

    Divorce is dirty no matter which way you cut it. Anybody with that kind of money should have signed a prenup. And no I don't think she deserves $50 million of his money. Furthermore, I think its ludicrous that after being awarded that kind of money that she had the nerve to say, "now my child has to ride in coach, while her father gets first class"....since when does a millionaire have to ride coach? She has a few screws loose.

  • Ju ju
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    1 decade ago

    Yes and no.

    It's really not "fair" that he has that much money.

    Is a divorced spouse entitlement bases on how much he has or how much she needs or wants.? He obviously dismissed the use of a prenuptial in good faith and respect for her. She turned this against him when the marriage failed. I see her as greedy and a goofball using her child for profit.

    'don't like her hysterical demeanor


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