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1. Why do you choose this major?

2. Why do you think you are different from the other interviewees?

+ Why?+ Can you give an example?


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    I am from the Department of Foreign Language and I get into this university through interview, the one you are about to deal with. I remembered several questions they asked me but not all since it was long time ago. But I'll try all I can to give you as much as possible.

    1. Why do you choose this major?

    2. Why do you think you are different from the other interviewees?

    + Why?+ Can you give an example?

    PS: Your response will very likely be interrupted by one of the professors and be required to elaborate on what you just said. Don't get panicked!

    3. Give three adjectives that your friends or parents may use to describe you.

    4. According to your autobiography, you.....Can you tell me more about it and how you made it?

    5. Do you have any question for us?

    A note for you: There will be more than four professors, with the head of the department in the middle. They take turns asking you questions and taking notes. Keep talking even though sometimes they are not looking at you but writing something down. The head of the department will be very nice and smile all the time and your freshmen professor will serve as very strict interviewers, who cut your answers in the middle and probe for details. (They will teach you in the first year so.....The head of the department usually teach higher level classes, like those in junior and senior).

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    Please let me know if you get into National Chiayi Unviersity. E-mail me to my school mailbox if you do get it and want to be one of us:

    PS: NCYU stands for National ChiaYi University

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    Hight school achievements, the reason why I want to keep studying it.GEPT certificates or ontest certificates single you out.Love and interest in English, achievements are focus on it.

    My personality.Required to elaborate on them.I said about history of hard study and that I never gave up.

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    About what to wear during the interview, you should always wear something simple. Something too colorful may not make it to be good ones. Just please take it seriously and let them you do think so.

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    About "Do you have questions for us?", you should not say "NO." I said no at the time but later I realized it better to ask something, showing you are eager to get into the school that you even want to know more, things like courses and academic focus are welcome.

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