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Bill pay???

I paid a bill from my Wells Fargo account for my Capital One credit card for the amt. of $85. It is still pending. I put it in earlier today. When can I expect it to clear and go through?

Would it be faster to pay the C1 bill by going to my C! acct online and hooking up my Wells Fargo acct to it?

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    Usually, with major banks like Capital One and Wells Fargo, they use electronic transfers through an automated clearing house(ACH), which will take a business day to complete. Chances are, the payment will get there by friday, but won't reflect until Monday

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    I would suggest using C1's online payment linking your wells fargo account.

    Usually for online payments using the direct website, they will give you a tracking number and they will pay it that day! So you have a reference number you can refer to if anything were to go wrong.

    For automatic payments I use my wellsfargo bill pay but for my other accounts, I use the site directly. I'm going to have to log in to see how much my bill is anyways and I can get a tracking number. Wells Fargo payemtns will take 3-4 business days to clear. So if you pay late, C1 might get it late and charge you a fee.

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    It typically takes 3-4 days......It would be faster if you did that. But not for this payment, next payment will run smooth.

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