installing wordpress on subdomain?


I want to install wordpress on the site is on windows server hosted through godaddy. I also have hosted on linux account through godaddy.

I can not install wordpress through godaddy hosting connection to as it is on windows server.

any solution for this problem?

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    1 decade ago
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    First of all create your sub-domain. My hosting server is hostgator , and when I create a sub-domain it assigns me a folder for that sub-domain. I copy the wordpress installation to this sub-domain and install it as the common WP installation.

    Try to godaddy assigns you a folder for that sub-domain and upload by ftp WP package.

    Hope it works

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    1 decade ago

    Install wordpress on the linux subdomain.

    Then, find out from godaddy if you can get the windows subdomain to point to the linux subdomain. (this would be done thru dns, and you might have to use an iis redirect on the windows server - but that one I can't be sure of -the iis redirect.)

    Why can't you install wordpress on the windows subdomain? Is it a matter of godaddy not letting you or you tried it and it didn't work?

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