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Long question but please answer!?

Ok I'm 17, homeschooled (done wid that) not living at home anymore, kinda new to the area. where should I go to find some friends? I'm not outgoing but not shy.....Any ideas? also I live in da country like 2 miles from a small town.


I'm a guy!!

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    Are there any activities you like? Skiing-take lessons, books-join a book club, dancing-take classes, fitness-join a gym, photography-join some sessions at a local camera store. Picking activities around hobbies you like ensures there will be some common ground and basic conversation starters. Going to local hangouts is good for some but you have to get up the gumption to venture out and introduce yourself. If you hear a public conversation at a sports bar, join in. I loved playing pool and when I was new to an area I went to a local pub, picked a table and met loads of girls and guys and perfected my sharking on the felt. :)

  • Making friends is as simple as going to the grocery store. Open the door for someone that looks friendly, and maybe try to start a conversation.

    Also, go do things you enjoy. If you enjoy basketball, drive to a basketball court or gym and play with some friendly faces. If you make friends, you guys will have a foundation to base your friendship on!

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    i think you should join a club of some sort and try to talk to people and make friends. dont worry about what people think because you were home schooled and a country girl, show them the real you and they may hate and they may love it but its a chance your gonna have to take if you wanna make friends but good luck im sure you will do great

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    If there is a local place where a lot of people your age hang out go there and just start making conversation and all you need is one friend to meet new people.

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    Just find or help a person. Your realtionship with that person would gradually grow into a friendship. Try popular areas.

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    Go to random hang out areas in town: libraries, restaurants, cafes, etc.

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    where did you go in your old town?

    your best bet is to find places like that where you're living now.

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