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Does anybody else hopes that Forbes beats De La Hoya? It would save us from watching the rematch with Floyd!?

Dont get me worng, I like Oscar and think he is one of the best too ever get in the ring. I think that he should stick to promoting though. I just think that his rematch with Mayweather is a waste of our time and money. I for one will not buy that fight if it takes place in Sept. Floyd will beat him again, and then we will have to wait another 7 or 8 months too finally see Floyd fight Cotto, or someone else.

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    Any fight involving Mayweather is a big waste of TIME. He is a boring boxer PERIOD. He might fight Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Margarito, or Cintron and still give the people nothing but a big DISAPPOINTMENT. It's not Oscar's fault the fight turned out boring, if there is somebody to blame for making the fight boring is Mayweather. People are waiting and waiting to see Cotto-Mayweather. That fight will turn out to be a big slap across the face to all boxing fans. The hype will be great, and the people's expectations are going to be even greater, but the fight will be a disgrace.Why? Mayweather will NOT trade punches with Cotto, so he will use the same strategy he used against De La Hoya. I bet anything if the fight ever happens, it will be a BIG disappointment. I rather see Cotto-De La Hoya.

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    Forget about these 2 having a rematch because it will not happen. Their first fight drew a lot of money, but was so boring that a rematch would not make a penny. Mayweather fought De La Hoya to put the name on his resume and get revenge for his uncle Jeff who lost to De La Hoya, but there is nothing in a rematch for him. De La Hoya knows he was lucky to go the distance with Floyd and learned from that fight he has no speed or skill left, so Floyd is going to stick to tomato cans that come right at him (Mayorga, Cotto, et cetera). Floyd would win a rematch with a tenth round stoppage by the way.

  • Woody
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    Personally, I don't think a Forbes win over De La Hoya would stop the rematch. I say this because, if you recall Mayweather was waiting to fight Zab Judah, but Carlos Baldomir rained on Judah's parade. Yet, Mayweather still went on with the fight against Judah, despite him coming off a lost.

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    Cotto versus DLH would have been good ten years ago. Oscar couldnt go toe to toe with Cotto now....hes lost too much of a step and Cotto throws combos too well. Remember DLH is whoring himself for money right now.

    Forbes is really the first step Ive seen him take in a while to fight competitive..considering Forbes has no real star power to speak of. I wouldnt be surprised if the hungrier fighter won. But if DLH can stand for twelve rounds, he will win the fight. There is nothing to gain in elevating Forbes' star power..he doesnt have the charisma to carry it.

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    i think a rematch would be better than the first, de la hoya almost pulled it off except he gased out, obviously he stopped throwing his jab..

    mayweather was not impressive, if he was as good as he says he would have shut out an old de la hoya who fights once every 18 months at that time coming off a 2 year layoff...

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    Honestly, if Forbes beats ODLH then there wouldnt be a rematch between Mayweather and him.

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    as a Floyd fan Andrew is 100% right he dosnt trade punches with anyone he dosent have to. He is a big talker who fights the opposite way of his talk, nothing wrong with it but those are just the facts.

    Source(s): dude above me it was not a close fight lol it was an clinic
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    I like De La Hoya... wouldn't mind him getting that rematch.

    Good luck to ya.

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    Yeah I hope forbes wins he knows the only reason they are picking him is so he can lose

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    andrew m you retard why would mayweather go toe to toe and risk losing just to satisfy dumb fans like you. mayweather has gone up in weight as a result he cant stick and trade with his opponents. thats boxing learn it before you criticize.

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