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Dying my hair red?

I naturally have dark brown hair (it's almost black), and I think I'd like to be a redhead!

I don't want a carrot-top red, I'm thinking more like Isla Fisher or Amy Adams:



Or maybe a darker red, like Julianne Moore:


So, how do I go about this? Is it even possible? What shade do I need to choose and what (in your opinion) is the best brand of home haircolor? Basically any advice about dying my brown hair to red at home ;)

*Please don't tell me to go to a salon, as I have been dying my own hair for over five years - it is very healthy and I think I've got the routine down ;)


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    The first picture is a darker strawberry blond. The second picture is the color of my daughters hair and I would say that her hair is a medium red. The third picture is more of an auburn red. I think the one that would work the best for you would be the 3rd one. Since your hair is already pretty dark, trying to go lighter would be difficult. But because your hair is dark, you will have to pick a shade of red that is pretty intense to make it show up. Loreal makes some great home color hair color kits. Go to the Loreal web site, they have a great interactive hair coloring section on the site that really helps you choose a good color for your hair that will look natural. I was fooling around with it and it was fun and very informative. Have fun and enjoy your new hair color.

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    I've had red hair and it was absolutely gorgeous! It's definitely something you should do professionally though, its hard to cover brown with red by yourself, the brown likes to peek through. It fades very fast to. I had no problem getting my hair back to brown, yes it had to be dyed back because your hair keeps a reddish tinge.

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    It is very possible to get the right tone of red for ur hair, and ur experience should be helpful. But it's not really the red u need to focus on, but balance it with a brown-ish tinge. Just so it doesn't look too unnatural.

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    i have naturally brown hair too (i think) ;) and i loved it when i dyed it red. i didn't like it too much when i bleached it blonde. it was too much of a shock to the system. but i did love the red and it was a nice transition. i honestly don't remember what brand i used. i'm wanting to think nice -n-easy cause i'm allergic to herbal essences, but i'm not sure. it's been several years ago. (i can't do much to my hair at home now, cause everything i do, my 5 year old tries to emulate! i've caught her cutting her hair, and mixing kool-aid packets in a squeezie bottle, so i pretty much stopped the do-it-yourself stuff!) good luck! let us know how it turns out!!

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    4 best results dye ur hair a lighter brown wait 2-4 weeks and dye it a red

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    i know you don't want to go to a salon, but since you want to go quite a bit lighter than your natural colour it's probably a good idea.

    Otherwise find a dye with lots of moisturizers/conditioners because of the amount of chemicals your hair will be taking in by going lighter.

    hope it works out :)

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    you will need to put some kind of bleach product through it then apply the red u want, it wont go from brown to red just like that.

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    I think you should go the first one, it's hot, sexy, yet looks like you care about the environment and the people in it, i think you would look soooo good, you just have to figure out what color it is

    Good luckk!

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    1st, Bleach you hair. (not actual bleach) but with hair bleach to get the darkness out. It turns your hair a white color. Then select the appropriate color. It will be perfect. If you don't bleach your hair, then thats how you get mixed crappy colors!

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    The first picture.

    Source(s): The first picture...
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