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What are the names of all the songs that will be on AFI's B-Side thing?

I don't even know what a B-Side is but I guess they're getting some sort of album/EP or something with unreleased songs from DU and StS? Could someone tell me the names of the songs? Thanks.

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    to the person above me: Love Like Winter is on Decemberunderground, and it's not new at all. in fact it came out in 2006.

    no one knows all the songs that are going to be on the EP, but I am 100% sure Carcinogen Crush will be on there.

    Other possible songs are "100 words" and "Weight of Words", both of which were written around the time of STS but were never recorded.

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    I know a few:

    A winter's tale

    Now the world


    they're all really good.

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    one should be love like winter, its a new one and its sounds great!

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