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Clinton Township, MI???

Are they going to build a Wal Mart Supercenter next to partridge creek. I heard this keeps getting bounced back and forth between Wal Mart and the Township????


The area is Hall Rd and Romeo Plank...Not card...Its right by the new Partridge Creek Mall to the east of Parisian and Nino's...Plz dont answer if ur not from this area.

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    Just what we need: More Walmarts and more Chinese imports.

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    maybe, the location you are refer to is right on the corner of Card rd and Romeo-plank that area already had a Car lot and a a McDonald's.

    the city is fighting Walmart but I do see a another Big box Retailer coming to area, the City wants A Ikea there not a Walmart .

    the walmart is at m-59 and Gratoit not 23 mile rd that is a Mejjer and a Target store.

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    It is common for major retail developments to spend months ironing out details with local governments. Many small town elected officials are ego manics and they feel important when they shake down big companies for money or altering plans.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would guess no, because there is one right down the street at 59 and 94!

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  • I would guess no too, there is one at 23 mile road and M-53

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