my eye is red and somewhat swollen it feels irritated, i also wear contacts?

it started about 1 week ago and started gettin better with these drops i bought but all of a sudden today it got really red nd its would be hard for me to go to a doctor because my insurance got cancelled and the eye doc is pretty expensive!

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    It could be a corneal ulcer. I'd try to locate a free clinic in your area and see if you can get in to be seen. Pink eye is usually red and itchy, but not painful. Take your contacts out and use artificial tears in the meantime.

    Source(s): I work for an ophthalmologist.
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    This could be anything from an infection, gpc or an allergic reaction. TAKE YOUR CONTACTS OUT! What drops are you using? If it is a Visine type of thing you are only masking the problem. I understand money problems, but, how will you take care of yourself if you get an infection that will make you blind. YES. People think that vision is not a life threatening thing, no it is not. Would you go to the doctor if you had a lump the size of a grapefruit on your stomach? Money is not the issue when you are talking about your senses. Worst case it is streptocacus and will eat your eye in 48 hours.

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    You could possible have Pink eye...

    Have you thought of this possiblity?

    Click on the link to read about it there is a picture to enlarge it.

    If it is not pink eye, Have you been cleaning your contacts on a regular basis. Do you have daily you sleep in them or take them out at night. If you sleep in them I would suggest taking them out at night and cleaning them and putting them in a case. I can sleep in mine but my eyes dry out so bad if I just dose off to sleep they will be sticking to my eyes.. So I take them out at night.

    I know it is bad to not have insurance...Have you tried checking to see if there is a free clinic in your town? Some doctors offices will let you make payments. I don't think they can refuse treatment...and I have went before and seen the doctor and when I came out I just told them can I pay what I can and ya'll bill me the rest and I explained the situation and they said sure..Most people are not that unreasonable....I mean if you don't have it you don't have it.....

    P.S. I work for a doctors office.....

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    Don't wear your contacts for about a week and just wear your glasses. This also may indicate that you need to change the contacts you are wearing. Or maybe its just allergies.

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